Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Bob Hepner AKA Tattoo Bob AKA BC Hepner Is More Of A Horrible Human Being Than Inititally Thought

I wanted to go back and do an update on a post that I had made three weeks ago about Bob Hepner faking sketch cards.

Normally I would not give any attention to person like Hepner and if I did I would limit using his name, I don't like giving attention whores like him any more fuel, but I am using his name and aliases because I hope that when someone looks up his name looking for a commission they see posts like mine were he share the truth about the man. 

When the announcement was made on August 4th by a group of artists that Hepner was faking some of his sketch cards the information was mainly focused on the sketch cards that could be identified as fake as well as a couple of instances of him stealing other people’s work, altering it a bit and claiming that it is his own.

You could figure, based on his Facebook and web site posts, that he is an egotistical person and obviously thinks he is a better artist than he really is but at the time nobody seemed to know how unscrupulous of a person he really is in addition to being a pathological liar.

The thread is up to 19 pages long on Blowout Forums, you can read through it <HERE>, so I won’t go through everything that has been discussed but he has taken money and sent nothing in return, he has accepted commissions for AP cards and blank cover comic books and sent back fake copies in return and then turned around and sold the real AP cards and comic books, he has begged other collectors to send him basic sketch cards so he can give them to his grandkids and then sold the sketch cards as well as erased some of the more basic sketches and put his own fake work on the card and sold it.

It turns out it goes deeper than that, like legally deeper. It turns out he is selling fake autographs, including Harrison Ford and Felicity Jones.

He sold one person a theater poster for Rogue One that was signed by the entire cast that he claimed he got directly from Topps for being one of their artists. Topps later confirmed to the buyer at the recent Orlando Star Wars Celebration that the poster is not a theater poster, it had been doctored to look like one, and it did not come from them and the autographs are not real.

He is selling autographed guitars that he claims the musicians gave him, I saw a Lita Ford “signed guitar, and he is selling paintings that he said were signed by various famous personalities. I am sure there is more out there that hasn’t been discovered yet that will add more to the Bob Hepner garbage dumpster fire.

Early on Brain Gray from Leaf announced he will never use Hepner again but there have not been any other announcements. People have talked to Topps, Upper Deck and Beckett and while they will not make an official announcement they are all aware of what is going on and both Topps and Upper Deck have said he will not be included in any upcoming sets. He was also dropped by a traveling card show and a comic con.

While Hepner has stolen thousands from people one of the saddest stories was a guy I came across on Instagram who had commissioned Hepner to do a superhero piece for his wedding invitations. It was supposed to be a photorealistic piece where his and his fiancĂ©’s face were in place of the superheroes faces. When the guy got back the piece he contacted Bob and told him he was unhappy with it and Bob blocked him. Unfortunately, he didn’t have time to get another drawing done by a real artist because the wedding invitations had to be ordered.

You are not imagining the faces and heads being blurry while the rest of the drawing seems realistic, this is what the guy actually got. 
I don't expect Bob to post here, even though I am sure he is the type of person who Google's himself three times a day just to see his name show up, but if he does it will be as anonymous or a fake name. He has a specific writing style that is easy to identify so there is no question who it will be, he likes to use fake names to defend himself.


  1. This guy is a scumbag. Hopefully the FBI will add him to their list the next time they target dealers who are involved with the sales of fake signatures.

  2. Wow, those wedding invitations are something else.

  3. We actually cancelled doing physical invites because of those and just chocse to save the money of paying for more work plus the printing cost.

    Yes that's from my Instagram. @atbphotography2005