Friday, October 23, 2009

2009 Razor Memory Lane

You have to wonder how the meeting went at Razor when someone suggested buying up old yearbooks and releasing them in the 2009 Razor Memory Lane Yearbook Edition. Was it a hit when first suggested or was it one of those ideas that got kicked around until nobody had another idea and people are grasping at straws?

I know that there is a market out there for collectibles like this within the right element, apparently people are paying big dollars for yearbooks that include photos of athletes, stars and musicians but this is not a product you would expect from a “sports card” company like Razor. Given that Razor is on the fringe of the collectible world and they have released some interesting and amazing products lately, most specifically the Cut Signature lines.

I know the product will probably sell well and considering that there are only 501 total boxes (1 book per box) available it will most likely sell out too. With people like Mickey Mantle and Joe Montana included on the checklist, it may do well in the sports market but most likely not with card collector specifically.

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