Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Vintage Card Of The Month: 2010 SportKings Series D And 1974 Towa Bruce Lee

This month’s VCoM is a double dose of the Master with the first card coming from a pseudo vintage set, the 2010 SportKings Series D. The Sports Kings name had been brought back in to existence by Dr. Brian Price in 2007 with the release of 2007 SportKings Series A and was produced through 2013 SportKings Series F and last year the brand was sold of Brian Grey of Leaf along with Dr. Prices other licenses.

Even though I was only a year old when Bruce Lee died I still felt like I was brought up watching him with my older brother. I grew up watching The Green Hornet reruns along with his movies. I looked up to him and like every other kid imitated his martial arts moves, eventually training in American Kenpo for years before I was disabled.

Lee does not have many collectibles even with his popularity the options are limited. Along with the 2010 SportKings release he is on the 2007 Topps Allen & Ginter’s checklist plus the 1966 Donruss The Green Hornet release. Additionally, he has a couple of foreign releases like the second half of the VCoM post, this 1974 Towa card from Japan. He does have a couple of relics and sketch cards but they are usually triple digits and up.

Monday, May 23, 2016

No That Doesn't Follow

That moment when you find a card up for auction that you really want but the cost of the card is outside of what you feel comfortable paying and you realize that Rocket Raccoon’s logic (Skip forward to 1:36) may not be so bad.

Friday, May 20, 2016

No Dirt Off Of My Shoe

I have had issues with my mail carrier before and I have had a card or two lost in the mail but this is the first time that I have received mail with a shoe print on it. I was lucky enough that the sender had put the card in to a rigid top loader so there was no damage to the card but who picked up the mailer off of the post office floor and put it where it was supposed to go without even wiping off the dirt mark?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Tale Of Little Plastic Men

In my on-going process of organizing and packing to get ready to move I have had to make some decisions regarding my collection. Most recently I am going through my figures and bobble heads to see what is packing worthy and what needs to be traded or sold. There have been some difficult calls on figures, some that I have had since 1993, but with each move I have cut down the collection and once again I am at that door.

One of the issues that I have come across, which all toy collectors must decide, is do the figures remain in packaging? Obviously this is the way to keep their value but that brings up the question of will I ever sell my Griffey figures? The answer is “Of course not” so today I decided to rip in to my Griffey SLU figures. I have had my Griffey MacFarlane figures displayed out of the packaging for years but the SLU figures remained encased in cardboard and plastic and packed away, rarely seen by human eyes and that ends today.

I bring to you the ripping of Griffey figures and pulling on the slowly yellowing plastic has never been more satisfying. Today we unleash his 1997 and 1998 figures plus a 1997 Classic Doubles with his father.


In addition to the newly freed figures I now also have three more SLU cards to add to my Griffey PC.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Mr. October

Today is Reggie Jackson’s 70th birthday. The man was phenomenal in so many areas and with his personality you just had to love him and if you didn’t appreciate him as a ball player then you had to love him in as the would-be assassin in The Naked Gun.

His list of accomplishments run for a lifetime but his 3 homeruns on 3 pitches in Game 6 of the 1977 World Series, and his Reggie Bar, will probably be the one that stands out amongst everything else and even though he played for ASU I still respect the guy.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Griffey Cards From The Cutting Room Floor

Some days are tougher than others and when I am down it is time to turn to something that puts a smile on my face, Griffey oddball cards.

These aren’t really oddball cards because they are from an official release, 1994 Stadium Club Baseball, but actually tester cards from the printing stage. These specific cards are “uncut” meaning that they were never meant for pack out as they currently are. Two of the cards are uncut with one being slightly larger than the standard card, so this one may have just been a miscut and was pulled out before the packing stage, but the other one has a star-like indentions along one edge. I am not sure where this comes from, possibly a marking for the edge of the print sheet.

The third card is definitely from one edge of the print sheet and still contains the CMYK marking along the side and is one of those cards that isn’t expensive or rare in anyway but just different enough to make it special to the collector.

The cards are in rough condition, the reflective surface is well scuffed, and the edges are chipped but these aren’t the type of cards that you get graded but more of that unusual card in your collection that you just had to find a home for even though they are ugly.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Oh The Possibilities

I know that this card would never be made but it is fun to look at it as if it were.

It could be sold for Blue Jays fans by pointing out that Bautista took the punch (though his knees did buckle and his eyes went blank) and stayed on his feet but then change some text and make the exact same card but list for Odor for the Texas fans. Think of it, double up sales with minimal changes on the card KACHING$$$

Friday, May 13, 2016

Good Luck To Matt Bush

Former #1 pick Matt Bush is in the news again but this time not due to poor decisions or prison time. Bush was the 2004 #1 pick of the San Diego Padres, he was initially a shortstop but was transitioned to pitcher before injuring his elbow in 2007. He was later traded to the Blue Jays, who eventually released him and then signed with the Rays but got cut following another DUI arrest.

Since he was drafted Bush has been arrested for felony assault, trespassing, disorderly conduct and multiple DUIs. Following his third DUI, which resulted in an injury accident, Bush went to prison. He spent a little over three years in prison getting out in October last year and in December he signed with the Rangers as a relief pitcher.

It seems like Matt Bush realizes he has hit bottom and wants to leave his demons behind. His contract includes a zero tolerance policy and to ensure he is always doing the right thing he is living with his father.

In April he threw his first pitch in five years when he came in to earn a save for the Frisco RoughRiders. He has appeared in 12 games and he has a 2.65 ERA, 18Ks and 4 walks. It seems like his hard work since being released from prison has paid off and he was called up by the Rangers today and will be active in tonight's game against the Blue Jays.
As expected since his issues began early in his career he only has cards in 2004 releases with a couple of minor league cards in 2005 but nothing else.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Collection In One Image

Next month I am moving after living here for nearly 8 years and even though I had organized my collection last year it was still spread out pretty well and to get everything as minimal as possible I ended up putting most of my collection in to 5,000-ct boxes. After a couple of hours of semi-collating and packing I have roughly 95% of my collection in 4 ½ 5,000-ct-boxes, this includes most of my supplies too.

I realize that I really was not as organized as I initially thought I was. I had cards on display in three different locations, I had cards in 500-ct, 1,000-ct, 3,000-ct and 5,000-ct boxes, I had supplies in a drawer as well as a large storage bin and that isn’t counting bobble heads, SLU/McFarlane figures and various memorabilia. Ugh…

Now most of my collection is in a nice little stack with some empty boxes left over with memorabilia going in to their own packing box and my Griffey collection in a separate 1,000-ct box and I am another step closer to moving. Next will be unpacking everything after I move but that is more fun that packing my collection away.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

One Card, Two Card...That Is All

A two card Mariners post today.

Topps recently released a baseball version on their Wacky Packages line where every sticker in the series is baseball connected either through a MLB or MiLB team or something associated with America’s pastime. Each MLB team has two different stickers in the set, some are funny and some just leave you scratching your heads. Along with parallels of the stickers there are also sketch cards, autographs and relics too.

The Mariners’ are Sea Salt and Cocktail sauce, I picked up the pair for a bit over one dollar. There are sketch card versions too, I have seen two different sketch cards for the Sea Salt version but the prices are pretty insane for a sketch card.