Thursday, September 21, 2017

Here It Is... Post #2,000 With A Contest!

It has taken 8 years, 3 months and 12 days but today is my 2,000th post on Pack War.

My first post was on June 6, 2009 and I started with a simple post about some ideas that I had for the blog, I honestly did not even consider the future of the blog. When I started I had been reading a couple of blogs regularly and I liked the way that collectors were interacting with each other and I wanted to be able to share my story too.

I hadn’t even realized I was this close to 2,000 posts until I was writing up a couple of Question Day posts that I save as drafts and looked over and saw I was at 1,991 published posts and I started wondering if I should just post #2,000 and not make a mention about it, just add it at the end of a regular post or should I do something special? I decided to do something, a giveaway. Nothing big but I wanted to make it special.

Here is what you need to do to be part of the giveaway:

1.      Post here by Sunday 9/24/17 at 11:59 pm PST 

That’s it

The prizes:
1982 Fleer Cal Ripken Jr. rookie card

1993 Ted Williams Buck Leonard autograph

2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Monte Irvin autograph

Awarding of the prizes:
When the contest closes on Sunday 9/24/17 at 11:59pm PST I will run the entire list through three times with the #1 person on each randomization winning a prize.

The person in the #1 position on the first randomization gets first choice
The person in the #1 position on the second randomization gets the second choice
The person in the #1 position on the third randomization gets the remaining card

If it reaches 50 people joining I will add at least 2 additional prizes in which case I will follow the same rules with the awarding of the prizes but with two additional randomizations with the person in the #1 position on each of those randomizations being the winner of a prize.

I close with thanking everyone who has visited Pack War and read my posts. I really do appreciate it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

What Sets Have Jumped The Shark?

Forty years ago on September 20, 1977 during the 5th season of Happy Days in the episode Hollywood: Part 3, Fonzie jumped a shark during a water skiing competition. The episode did extremely well but many years later during a discussion of television shows on the decline, some college students at the University of Michigan, including John Hein, brought up this specific episode as the one where Happy Days was no longer original and fresh.

The term “jump the shark” was born as a description of when something popular begins to no longer be popular. Typically, the expression is used for television or movie sequels but can be used in describing almost anything in pop culture, among other things collecting too. 

I know today is not a normal question day but what sets would you say jumped the shark? This isn’t limited to modern sets but any set/series/product ever made. 

I know there are more, but the only one coming to mind is 2011 Topps Triple Threads when they created manufactured relics for John Henry, Leif Ericson and Pecos Bill. Not only did that bring attention to Topps rehashing Triple Threads designs over and over but unleashed manufactured relics as a “hit” in products.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Another Cavalcade Of Griffey Cards X

Before companies took variations to the extreme you had to have a keen eye to catch the differences and in 1991 Donruss did some slight differences with the borders for the factory sets. Packed out cards had one border and factory sets had a different border, the cards were the same otherwise.

You wouldn’t think that a card that costs a quarter could cause so much frustration to a buyer. The biggest problem is that most sellers don’t notice the difference and don’t list the card as a factory set/border variation card or even worse are the sellers that just grab an image and toss it up assuming all the cards are the same.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday Question Day- Feedback Feedback?

Today is question day:

If you use eBay, when do you leave feedback as buyer and as seller?

A simple question today, I am just wondering what other people do in regards to feedback on eBay. As the seller I leave feedback as soon as the buyer pays and as a buyer I leave feedback after I get the item and have a chance to look at it closely.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Wow, That Is A Lot Of Art

There is a web site called Sketch that allows you to load up your sketch card collection for others to see. I had joined the site a while back but never added anything until recently.

I scanned in all of my cards, the fronts only, researched all of the artists and posted them all on the site. When I was done I found that I have 99 sketch cards, I never sat down to count so I figured it would be somewhere around 50 cards or so. This makes sketch cards my fourth largest PC behind Griffey, Bader & Buhner.

I haven’t purchased a sketch card in many months so I am not sure when card #100 will enter my collection but I will make sure to post the accomplishment when it happens.

Since I didn’t know I had 99 cards I wasn’t paying attention to the order that I picked up the cards but this is one of my last couple of cards, an ACEO from Buckshot. I like his style and this Joker is just badass. His official sketch cards tend to run $25 or more so I am fine with getting a personal sketch card. I am guessing this was a commission card and seeing that he has his MySpace listed I will say it was probably a decade or more ago that this card was done.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Injections In My Spine Or A Manufactured Relic, I Got Both For You Today

This morning I started another series of spinal cortisone injections and I am in a lot of pain so today is a one-card post. Each series is three rounds of injections over a five-week period, so I got one round today and will go back in two weeks and then the final round will be two weeks after that. Each round is 3-5 individual injections, today was three injections. This is my 6th series in a little over 3 years with a spinal surgery in the summer of 2015 so this has become a part of my life that while temporarily painful gives me some relief from the spinal degeneration pain for a couple of weeks afterwards.

The card of the day

I am not a fan of most manufactured relics and I keep away from them usually but when it comes to Griffey I will often open my mind when building a collection. I picked this up in July and it is pretty cool, the card is extremely heavy because the medallion is metal and I like that so I decided to add manufactured relics to my Griffey Want List.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Another Cavalcade Of Griffey Cards IX

Normally I don’t consider buying custom cards that I can make but this one is an exception. The card is the cover of the PS4 The Show 17 game but it is a refractor so I thought it was cool. While I could make a card sized cover of the game I have never made a refractor custom card, I haven’t even tried yet, so that is how I ended up with this one in my collection. Eventually I would like to pick up one of the code cards too, I don’t play the game so if I ever come across a used code card I would be happy.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Some Buyers Leave Me With Questions Instead Of Money

A bit of a rant today.

I have cards listed on COMC and I keep up with the pricing, changing them about once a week depending on the market. I have a 2015 Contenders autograph card listed at $1.15, there is only one card cheaper. I got an offer last night of .63 cents, I countered with .85 cents, probably more than fair and considering I paid .60 cents to have it processed by COMC so I was being reasonable. The guy came back with .63 cents again.

Who they hell does that? I mean come up a penny or two but to come back with the same offer I just countered what did he expect? Needless to say I just declined it outright, I probably should have come back with $1.25 just to be an ass.

Monday, September 11, 2017

We Will Always Honor Your Memory

It has been 16 years and the world has changed greatly since 9/11/01 but one thing will never pass and that is the respectful memory of those who lost their lives that day and the families that have been affected.

Friday, September 8, 2017

The Future Of My Collection

With having quite a few medical bills (I am digging out of this hole slowly) I have cut my collecting purchases to a minimum and it has led me to re-evaluate my collection. Over the past few years I have made some changes, both large and small, and I have found that eliminating some of the things I collected made life easier. Since I began the blog in 2009 I have stopped working on set building, cut out a large portion of my non-discretionary purchases, stopped buying boxes/blasters/packs, donated a couple thousand cards and decided to set up primary and secondary collecting goals to keep my collection focused.

I think one thing that has helped greatly was that I set up a Want List in a Word document and if a card is not on that list I normally don’t purchase it. The list is fluid and does change, often, when I purchase a card or find a new card with the occasionally deduction. This list has helped me stay focused on my primary and secondary collections, which have also changed over the year.

The last few days I have been considering the future of my collection, it has been on my mind the last few months really. I had started “secret” PCs, these are personal collections I have not posted much about for whatever reason. For example, my Mariner Moose collection, I picked up a card or two here and there and before I realized it I had became a super collector purely by accident. Over the last year I had started PCing the 2013 Chrome Marshawn Lynch rainbow, Sheamus and Becky Lynch (Irish wrestlers), UFC Conor McGregor (Irish fighter), comic characters Rocket Raccoon, Ant-Man and Radioactive Man (The Simpsons guy).

I just sat down and whittled down my Want List and removed many of those secret PC collections. I will keep what I already have in binders or whatever is currently sitting in my COMC account but I removed any cards from the list that I was on the fence about. It felt good to delete card after card, shortening my list.

My primary PC is now only three athletes; Ken Griffey Jr., Jay Buhner and Ryan Bader in addition to Manfred von Richthofen and sketch cards. Vintage cards (sports and non-sports), movie/comic autographs & relics, Mariner Moose and Rocket Raccoon are all secondary and everything else on my Want List is now “only if it is real cheap” type of cards. This means Steve Largent, Steve Kerr, Randy Couture, Seattle teams and University of Arizona team cards become a third level of collecting.

My Wants List is sitting at 2,049 cards but 1,517 are my Griffey wants, 172 Buhner wants and 93 Ryan Bader wants. So out of that 2,049 total cards 1,782 cards are for my PC guys so I think I have gotten the list under control. Plus with Bader moving to Bellator MMA Topps will not be including him in any future UFC releases which helps keep my list limited to just his past cards. 

In the future, I would also like to work out some trades to clear out some of the cards I have sitting in 5,000-ct boxes. I have roughly 20,000 cards in my collection and probably 15,000 are players, teams and sets that I do not collect. I am selling what I can on eBay and I also just sent my first submission to COMC so that clears out some cards but I have plenty more to go.

Since I can not close a post this long without showing something on cardboard here you go, a recent Griffey pickup: