Saturday, December 16, 2017

Return Of Xtreme Football?

The latest news from Vince McMahon is not wrestling related but appears to be a revival of the XFL.

A Deadspin reporter had contacted the WWE regarding rumors of the league and a WWE spokesman responded with “Vince McMahon has established and is personally funding a separate entity from WWE, Alpha Entertainment, to explore investment opportunities across the sports and entertainment landscape, including professional football. Mr. McMahon has nothing further to announce at this time.”

To add to the support of the rumor is the fact that WWE filed for two different XFL trademarks this year, well after the ESPN 30 for 30 XFL documentary in February, as well as trademarking “He Hate Me”.

How do you feel about an XFL reboot?

Friday, December 15, 2017

Another Cavalcade Of Griffey XII

Acetate cards are the greatest, I don’t even have a special reason, I just really like them so when I come across the chance to pick up a new Griffey acetate card I jump on it.

This is a 2000 Pacific Crown Royale proof, there are two different proofs with one being #/50, but this is the base proof. The cards are acetate versions of the base card, which is not acetate, and usually can be picked up for under $5 shipped. I just looked and there is an un-numbered (base) proof on COMC for $53 ouch…

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Art Gallery- 2017 Island Dreams Jazz Musicians

This month’s Art Gallery Display comes from an artist that you all know, me. The set is 2017 Island Dreams Mardi Gras.

This is my first official release and I was excited and did a variety of subjects based on NOLA and Mardi Gras culture; gators, crawfish, zombies, voodoo dolls and some witch doctors but my favorite are a trio of jazz musicians. The musicians aren't puzzle sketch cards, because of the placement of each musicians the backgrounds line up differently but I used the same colors for a nice visual appeal.

I was kind of stressed doing the set, we were given 20 blank sketch cards with a couple of rules. Now normally I am confident drawing sketch cards, if I screw up I just throw away the card and grab another blank to start over. This was totally different because if I made a mistake I couldn’t just toss a card away but I look forward to the next opportunity.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

More Ball Bags

In a quick update on yesterday’s story about LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball, they did sign with a team in Lithuania yesterday afternoon so their “professional” career is beginning but there is a bit of a caveat to the contract they signed and their expectations.

They signed with Prienu Vytautus, also known as BC Prienai, a low-level club in Prienai, Lithuania. The team plays in a 1,700 seat areana, where 500 of the seats are reserved for friends and family of the club. The GM and the coach are the same guy, Virginijus Seskus, and the team’s best player is the coach’s son. The team doesn’t practice regularly because they cannot afford the fees for the practice court and they carpool to games on game day so they don’t have to pay for a hotel.

Putting them in this environment can not be good for their development. Several American players who played in Europe have said that there is a difference between NBA play and professional European basketball, so I would imagine that at the age of these kids who are still developing physically and mentally it cannot be ideal for their basketball skills. This just seems like another situation where LaVar is trying to prove that he knows best and is willing to affect his kid’s future to make a point.

A little side humor. LaVar was brought in to the Lakers office a couple of weeks back by President of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson and GM Rob Pelinka and asked to basically shut his mouth about his criticism of coach Luke Walton. Ball’s response to reporters “But I am going to say, to plant a seed, 'Let's look for this now.' They may not want to hear that, but it's going to be successful if you listen to what I'm saying on that fact, that I know what it takes for my son to run like this.”

Translation: I know how to be a better coach, GM and President of Basketball Operations than any of you so when I talk you do what I say and Lonzo is the greatest player ever.

I promise, no more stories involving the Ball family for the rest of the year.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Balls Being Balls

The Ball family is always good for a few laughs, and I am sure frustration among some basketball fans.

Earlier this year father of the year candidate LaVar Ball took his youngest son, and human catapult, LaMelo out of high school to home school him. Basically, read this as he took his son out of school so he could play basketball all day while someone else does the kid’s homework. Now following middle son LiAngelo’s arrest in China for shoplifting and indefinite suspension by UCLA LaVar has pulled LiAngelo out of college.

Now stick with me here, LaVar has a plan. He has signed an agent for his two sons and has announced that he intends for the boys to play internationally. OK, now you can go for the facepalm.

Not only is he confident that LiAngelo, age 19, and LeMelo, age 16, are ready to play professionally but he also has suggested that teams in Europe want to sign both of his kids to the same team.

Spanish club MoraBanc Andorra GM Francesc Solana said that LaVar approached him last week and offered the team the opportunity to sign both of his sons, which Solana made it clear that his answer was a clear and definite “No”. During an interview with Bleacher Report Solana said it isn’t the money, though there is a process that can add up in cost, but that neither kid has experience, they aren’t being seriously taken as NBA projects and the team does not want to deal with LaVar. 

Italian club Scandone Avellino GM Nicola Alberani basically said the same thing, adding that as far as he knows no European coaches, GMs or even NBA scouts that he has worked with has even seen LiAngelo or LaMelo play live and that if any team does sign them it will be a lower tier team and only as a PR stunt.

As an NBA fan I don’t think these kids are being directed properly for their own future, but just being used as advertisement by the LaVar, who is more interested in pimping his brand over his kid’s best interest.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Monday Question Day- Commons Finds?

Today is question day:

What has been your best commons box find?

I don’t hit a LCS enough to search commons boxes but over the years in my common’s boxes I have found a 1997 Fleer David Arias (Ortiz) RC, a 2010 Topps Chrome Mike (Giancarlo) Stanton Refractor RC and a 2011 Gypsy Queen Ty Cobb Sepia Mini. I sold the Stanton and Ortiz rookies in late 2015/early 2016 and sadly the Stanton card got lost in the mail.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Comebacks Just Don't Work

Rafael Palmeiro announced he wants to make a comeback in the MLB, he is 53 years-old and last played in 2005. He said he has something to prove and that is driving him. I guess the drive comes from making an ass of himself in front of Congress and national television when he adamantly stated that he had never used steroids but a couple of months later got busted for using steroids, was suspended for 10 games and retired in disgrace.

If he wasn’t tainted by the steroids he would be in the Hall of Fame no question but by trying to make a comeback, 12 years later, it ends up looking like a sad real-life Mr. 3000, minus the attempt at making 3,000 hits.

Time to stock up on his 1987 Topps rookie cards, maybe not

Thursday, December 7, 2017

A Big Find For My Machete Collection

I enjoy Danny Trejo’s work and Machete and Machete Kills are two of my top films. My collection includes the 2013 Chop Shop Machete set and some of the promo cards, a Machete film poster, a mini autographed Machete Kills film poster and I have an 8x10 autograph of Cheech Marin and an 8x10 autograph of the Avellan twins. I felt that all that I am missing from the movies are a Michelle Rodriguez autograph (I am waiting to find an 8x10 where she signs with “Shé”) and Lindsay Lohan’s Geekroom autograph card.

I have finally picked up the Lindsay Lohan autograph. The Lohan autograph cards were issued encased by Beckett and you will usually find them posted in the $100-200 range, though they normally sit at that price before eventually selling in the $70-90 range. I was fortunate enough to find one of the Sister Booth cards that someone broke out of the Beckett case and the seller had it up for $29.99/OBO, I offered $25 and it was accepted plus free shipping.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


I don’t have many autographs in my Buhner collection, that really aren’t many to choose from because his career ended before autographs became common on checklists, so when I pick one up it is pretty big for me. The only card I purchased through eBay during the Black Friday weekend was a 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes autograph. This is only my second Buhner autograph so I am excited and it is on-card too.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday Question Day- Shhhh?

Today is question day:

Do you have a secret PC collection?

I will get the ball rolling with admitting that I have a couple of quiet PCs that have only showed up a couple of times in my blog. The Mariners Moose was one and I finally posted about that this past March and Rocket Raccoon is one and I have only talked about it twice going back to 2015. I had begun working on a PC for Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Simpsons Radioactive Man but I pick up those cards only when there is a great deal..