Tuesday, April 25, 2017

From The Captain To The Owner

If the rumors are true than a group that includes Derek Jeter and former Florida Governor/ Presidential candidate Jeb Bush have won an auction to purchase the Miami Marlins. The information comes from someone with specific knowledge of the deal who spoke to Scott Soshnick who writes for Bloomberg. The Miami Herald has gotten in on the rumors too saying that an unnamed source says the price came out to $1.3 billion and the sale is waiting upon approval from the MLB.

If the $1.3 billion is the actual price than this makes the Marlins sale the second highest selling point for any American sports team after the 2012 sale of the LA Dodgers, which sold for $2 billion. This doesn’t mean the Marlins are the second most valuable team, just that the Jeter group was willing to pay the insane price Loria thinks the team is worth. The most recent Forbes list of sports franchise value that I have found is from 2015 and the Miami Marlins are not even listed in the Top 50 list of American most valuable sports teams.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday Question Day

Today is question day:

Is there a type of card you will not pick up for your collection?

I have a couple of things that I do not like to include in my collection for assorted reasons. I do not like modern day mini cards or over-sized cards, too much of a pain to display or organize because of size compared to other cards in the set. I do not like medallions, commemorative coins/tokens, stamps or most manufactured relics either. These are just an attempt to add value to a release, which they don’t really, and they are usually significantly larger than a standard card so they don’t fit in binders. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Another Moose On The Loose

I have been dealing with writers block lately, I am just unable to be creative right now and it is frustrating. Most of the drafts that I had saved I have now posted because this block has been on-going for awhile now. I will just go with a simple one-card post today about a card I just picked up for the price of a stamp, 2017 Topps Opening Day Mariners Moose #M-14. This is my 31st Mariners Moose card, counting the 5x7 Topps online specials and sketch cards there are 34 total Mariners Moose cards.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Congratulations To One Of The Best Pure Hitters Ever

Last night in Seattle former Seattle Mariner and future Hall of Famer Ichiro came to bat in the 9th inning and knocked a home run in what is most likely his final at-bat at SafeCo Field. It was his first homer of the season and 3,033 US career hit (4,311 counting his NPB career) and to top it all off it was Ichiro Bobble head Night. The giveaway was a double Ichiro bobble head with one statue representing his 2004 record 262 hits in one season as a Seattle Mariner and one statue representing his 3,000 career hit last year as a Miami Marlin.

I plan on picking up the Topps Now card eventually but I am not a bobble head collector so I have no intent on getting one even if the prices were reasonable, even though it is a very cool piece. I just don't have the room to display them and they are huge dust collectors.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rocks And Bones... Cool

I think that Topps has done an amazing job with the various Mars Attacks releases. After 2015 Mars Attacks Occupation came out I was on the hunt for the Woodcut Art cards because of how distinct they are compared to other inserts from the set.

What makes these Woodcut Art cards different is how they are printed and the ink that is used to print them. Instead of a modern day printing press they use a Heidelberg Windmill Platen press which literally presses the paper against the printing plates so only a couple of cards can be printed at a time instead of an entire sheet. Second the Mars Attacks cards are printed using ink that is made up of fragments from the Martian Shergotty meteorite that struck Earth in 1865, Topps misspelled the name on the back of the card. The Dinosaur Attack cards are printed using ink that is made up of fragments from a T-Rex fossil.

The insert set uses image from the base set and was made up 8 cards in the Mars Attacks woodcut cards, which are all red, and 4 Dinosaur Attack woodcut cards, which are all green. When I purchased the cards in 2015 they were about $10 each.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Another Cavalcade Of Griffey Cards IV

One of my final Ken Griffey Jr. cards of 2016 was from a unique three card set that was connected to MTV’s 3rd Annual Rock N’ Jock” Softball Challenge in 1992. The set was just three cards and I am not even certain how they were handed out, I would think they were given out at the event. The other two cards in the set are MC Hammer and Frank Thomas.

For those who may not remember, the MTV Rock N’ Jock challenges were an annual sporting events put on by MTV beginning in 1990 and teams with names like Bricklayers, Violators, Homeboys and Awayboys were made up of athletes, actors, comedians and musicians. Over the next 11 years MTV rotated the sports with basketball and softball both being played each year but they did toss in football twice, baseball twice and bowling once.

The card is on my Top 10 Want List and even though I picked it up in 2016 I am listing it as a 2017 pickup. I don't think I will be picking up many cards from my list this year so this may be my only chance to add to the 2017 added list. The card's spot on the Want List will be replaced a Jay Buhner card: 1997 Columbus Clippers 20th Anniversary Team Issue #5

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Art Gallery: 2010 Breygent Comic Con Heckle & Jeckle

This month’s Art Gallery display comes from the 2010 Breygent Comic Con packs. The artist is Maz Adams, an illustrator out of New Jersey. As far as being a sketch artist his work has only been included in Breygent’s releases but he is a talented artist. I recently viewed some of his artwork and he has some amazing silhouette pieces that really stand out.

I had been watching this card for a month, maybe even a bit longer, and I was going back and forth on it before finally hitting the “Buy It Now” button. I loved Heckle & Jeckle as a kid, two mischievous magpies so I finally gave in for sentimental value alone.

I grew up watching Heckle & Jeckle and some of my fondest memories were watching them while my mom shopped. Anyone remember being left in a Kiderama Cartoon Booth while your parents shopped? I think the biggest prize was sticking your head in to an empty booth and see a cartoon still running.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Trade Package From Chris The Collector

Two weeks ago Chris from The Collector put out a call for custom card designers to help him create cards of some of his female athletes who normally would not have a card, or at least a card in the sets he was interested in collecting. When I saw that he included University of Arizona alumni Jennie Finch and Seattle Storm forward Breanna Stewart I was happy to help him out.

I was not able to make all of the cards, not yet, that he is interested in and currently the designs are just digital images he offered to send me some Griffey cards off of my Want List as a thank you for the work.

I got the Griffey cards the other day and I am happy to share them. Thank you, Chris, for your generosity. I will need to set aside some time to create the backs for the cards so the cards can be printed out.

Here are the cards he sent me:

2000 Topps Chrome #400

2005 Fleer National Packtime #13

2000 Topps #85

2013 Topps Cut to the Chase #CTC-2

2013 Topps Tribute #29

Friday, April 14, 2017

Griffey Is Permanently At Home

Yesterday the Mariners unveiled the new statue of Ken Griffey Jr outside of SafeCo Field. The statue is located on the corner of Edgar Martinez Dr. and Dave Niehaus Way, a location that is now being referred to as the Mariners Triangle.

After the unveiling Griffey took his famous “swing” pose next to the statue, which is now my phone’s background. After the ceremony Snoop Dogg showed up, he said that he couldn’t make it to the unveiling but wanted to get his picture with the statue. He actually posted a video of his visit to the statue on his Twitter feed.
I do not know when I will head up to Seattle again but you can be sure that when I do I will be taking my picture with the statue and make sure to include some of my Griffey wallet card.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Say It Ain't So Eli

I read a story today that has me a bit surprised in regard to a racketeering suit filed last week against Eli Manning, the NY Giants, Steiner Sports and others connected to a sale of memorabilia to three collectors.

Eli Manning had a contract to supply his game-used equipment to Steiner Sports in 2010 and apparently knowingly Manning and the Giants supplied equipment that had not been used. Initially the Giants were trying to play innocent but Manning turned over emails supporting the claims.

In April 2010 the Giants marketing manager Alan Zucker asked Manning to supply 2 game-used helmets and 2 game-used jerseys. There was a communication between Manning and the Giants equipment manager Joe Skiba where Manning asked Skiba to supply him with 2 helmets that can pass as game-used, which Skiba in turn supplied.

Prior to the lawsuit being filed last week one of the plaintiffs had an email exchange with Skiba where Skiba admits that he created “BS” versions for the game-used equipment because Manning didn’t want to give him the real items.

The Giants official response to the lawsuit is Eli Manning is well known for his integrity and this is just the latest misguided attempt to defame his character.”

So even though both Eli Manning and the team’s equipment manager Joe Skiba have turned over emails and have admitted to submitting fake items the Giants are standing their ground that this is all a smear job.

This isn’t the first time that the team has been accused of selling fake memorabilia either. Barry Barone, who was one of the Giants team dry cleaners, has said that in 2001 he was asked to “beat up” unused uniforms from the 2000 season to make them appear as game used. In 2008 Skiba was ordered by a team VP to doctor up a helmet to appear as Manning’s Super Bowl helmet so they could send it to the Hall of Fame. It has come to light that included in this lawsuit is a claim that in March 2016 Michael Strahan requested his Super Bowl XLII jersey from the team and they sent him a fake altered jersey.

This is a travesty and I will go out on a limb and say that the Giants are NOT THE ONLY TEAM doing this, I am sure this is a common occurrence in all sports. I don’t believe this is always the case, I am sure many teams sell plenty of game used jerseys but it is no wonder collectors are left wondering if the dime-sized white jersey relic in their card is real. The generic “Not any specific game or season” guarantees do not help alleviate any of the collector’s fears.