Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What If? A Cubs Interference

In February when pitchers and catchers reported to camp I posted a Yankees Triple Threads What If? At the time I hinted to a Cubs What If? Triple Threads card saying I would post it later. Now that the Cubs are playing the Pirates tonight in the Wild Card game it is time for me to release my Cubs What If? interference call card.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I Would Put A Sad Emoji Here If I Could

It is a disappointment when your favorite team loses but I think it is a bigger disappointment when your team wins due to a questionable interpretation on a rule by the Back Judge. This is the Seahawks Fail Mary screw up (against Green Bay in 2012) all over again. At least that call was made by a replacement ref.

The Seahawks had some flashes of brilliance in the 3rd and early-4th quarters but the entire first half and end of the game were dismal. On a positive side the Seahawks finally scored a touchdown in the first half of a game, four games in to the season.

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Eagles May Now Be The NFL Circus Team

For a couple of years I had written a What Could Go Wrong segment about the New York Jets quagmire, which I enjoyed because the Jets really were a circus with the poor decisions that were made by Coach Ryan and GM Idzik. Now that both Ryan and Idzik are gone and only QB Geno Smith remains, though not playing, and the Jets are a very respectable 3-1 losing only to the team that I have decided will be taking over the role as the cluster f#ck team of my new series of What Could Go Wrong, the Eagles.

Now I turn my attention to the 1-3 Eagles. After Chip Kelly was named Head of Player Personnel following last season people, both for and against Kelly, were waiting to see what he would do. There is no question he turned the University of Oregon in to a perennial winner but there is still the question whether that will translate over to the NFL.

After a number of offseason player changes it does not seem that things are going in the right direction.

He released some solid players, traded away a good QB for an average QB and signed DeMarco Murray but is not utilizing him. Depending on how the season goes I may make the Eagles my What Could Go Wrong team.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Machete Kills With A Signature

My newest addition to my Machete collection, an 11x17 movie poster from Machete Kills signed by Danny Trejo (Top center) along with the director Robert Rodriguez (Right side) and actors Tom Savini (Bottom center) and Jorge Jimenez (Left side). The poster is sitting above my computer next to my full size Machete movie poster.
I am still in the market for some solo Danny Trejo autographs, specifically his autograph from the 2005 Rittenhouse Stargate Atlantis release, plus I would love something from Machete dual signed by Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez because she always adds the inscription "SHE" (her character form the movie). This poster is easily among my favorite pickups of the year.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Would You Could You?

Just a random question today.

Have you ever considered selling off a player collection to start collecting a different player? How about selling off your entire collection?
I have a little over 500 Ken Griffey Jr. cards and I am sure if I was to sell them off (not that I am planning to sell them) I could most likely purchase every Jay Buhner card available and still have money left over to work on my Steve Largent collection.

This image came from Google images, it is not my stack of Griffey cards. My OCD would never allow me to drop the cards in a haphazard way even for a photo op.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

An Australian Homer Single Card Post

Today is a single card post.


In February 1995 Bart made a long-distance collect call to Australia to see if the water went down the drain clockwise or counter-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. This leads the Simpsons family on a journey to the Land Down Under so Bart can make an apology and a punishment of a “Booting” in what many rate as one of the Top 10 Simpsons episodes.

The following year Tempo cards, an Australia card company, worked with Fox to release 1996 Tempo The Simpsons Down Under a set based entirely on the episode. Since the product was released only in Australia it didn’t do extremely well in the U.S. but you can still find cards from the set with a complete 100-card base set running $15-20.

My favorite cards from the set are the “Homer As” chase cards which depict Homer as various famous Australians. The card that I most wanted, I actually thought I had it listed on my Top 10 Wanted list (but I was mistaken), is the Homer As Mad Max. After seeing the cards on the internet I initially thought that the cards had a canvas type texture but with the card now in hand I see that it is just a standard glossy coating but I am still happy.

The back includes a write up about the character, since Mad Max is fictional the write up is loosely based on Mel Gibson’s character Maximillian Rockatansky in the original Mad Max trilogy. In place of the trusty sawed-off double barrel shotgun that Max carriers, Homer carries a Squishee-shooter but otherwise they are quite similar. The cards are each #/7000 with mine being #5581/7000.
Other characters included in the 7-card Homer As chase card set; an Indigenous Australian, Capt. James Cook, Burke & Willis, Ned Kelly, Dame Edna and Crocodile Dundee.

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Art Gallery: 2012 Unstoppable Cards Night Of The Living Dead Bill

This month’s Art Gallery display is from the 2012 Unstoppable Cards Night of the Living Dead release. The artist is Adam Talley, a comic book artist and illustrator. He has cards included in Marvel sets, DC sets, Star Wars sets, Mars Attacks and smaller oddball sets like Night of the Living Dead and Titanic.

What caught my attention, besides the cartoonish work (which I like), is the subject. This is Bill, the first zombie we see in the movie. He is in my favorite scene, which I talked about in an earlier Art Gallery card of my other Night of the Living Dead sketch card.

Bill here attacks Barbra but her brother Johnny jumps the zombie and while scuffling Johnny falls and slams his head against a grave stone and dies. We later see Johnny, as a zombie, trying to break in to the farm house. But, we can track back every zombie in every movie since 1968 to this one zombie, Bill. He is the dead man who started the destruction of the zed.

I picked up this card for a couple of dollars from the same seller from my other NotLD sketch card, so he bundled the shipping together for another $1. This is one of my favorite sketch sets.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Silver Sig Signed By Sylar Spock

In honor of NBCs attempt at rebuilding the Heroes storyline with the release of the Heroes: Reborn mini-series that began last night I am posting a recent pick up. A very cool Zachary Quinto silver paint pen autograph on his 2008 Topps Heroes Volume 2 foil card. Quitno is an amazing actor and he has such range showing complete evil as Sylar in Heroes to complete logical Spock, a roll worthy of praise by the original Mr. Spock Leonard Nimoy.

He has official cards in Topps, Rittenhouse and Breygent releases with the more common American Horror Story autographs coming in at $50 and his Heroes and Star Trek autos topping $100. While he does sign with his full name on some sets he usually just uses an abbreviated signature (ZQuinto) with the full name autographs running quite a bit more.

I spent more on this card than any other autograph (official or TTM/IP) that I have purchased but I really wanted it so I was able talk myself in to it. I have been picking up many of my recent autographs from a dealer on the East Coast and because of this he was willing to work a deal with me that didn’t break my bank account.

From the Heroes line I am looking to add a Masi Oka, who played Hiro Nakamura, autograph. He was my second favorite character on the show behind Sylar. I was disappointed that NBC did what they could to destroy the show so quickly and I am hoping they can redeem themselves with Reborn, even though Sylar is not in the show and Hiro is only in 3 episodes. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

"Not Me", Damn Right It Isn't Me!

Earlier this week Raz wrote about picking up a Felicia Day autograph from Cryptozoic’s 2012 The Guild release. I am a Day fan (She is at the top of my celebrity crush list) and have one of her autographs but I am always on the lookout to add more so after Raz wrote about his pickup I took a look on the Google machine and came across a most interesting custom card TTM autograph card that was ending soon with an opening bid of only $0.99 plus an insane $5.00 shipping (though if it was a cool card $5.99 for a Felicia Day autograph is a steal).

The down side is that it was not a cool card. It was a poorly copy and paste image and when it was printed it was washed out. The autograph is real but the character portrayed on the card is not Felicia Day as Codex from The Guild but instead a cosplayer dressed as Codex, which was pointed out by Felicia Day when she wrote “Not Me” with an arrow pointing at the character. The card eventually sold for the opening $0.99 bid.

I have included an image of Felicia Day as Codex and you can see the differences. While the cosplayer pictured on the custom card does look similar to Felicia Day when you compare the two you can see they are not the same person.
I actually found the cosplayer, her name is Ksenia Zaring and the image used for this card is on her DeviantArt page, not sure how the card designer missed this mistake.

You would think once the actress pointed out the person on the card was not her that the seller would not have posted the card to sell. I considered buying the card and maybe cutting out the autograph and making some sort of cut signature card but I wavered and decided in the end to not bid.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

R.I.P. Yogi Berra

The baseball world lost a great one yesterday with the passing of Yogi Berra at the age of 90 years old.

He started his playing career in 1943 with the Norfolk Tars after signing with the Yankees but was derailed by WWII. He took part of the D-Day invasion and was later injured during the Allied assault on Marseilles, which earned him a Purple Heart. After leaving the Navy in 1946 he retuned to the minors before being called up by the Yankees in 1947. Over the next 19 seasons he was part of a Yankee Dynasty that won 11 World Series Titles out of 15 World Series trips. He still holds the record for most Series games played, plate appearances, hits and doubles.

After a Hall of Fame career he went on to coach/manage for the Yankees, Mets and Astro taking both the Yankees and the Mets to World Series appearances as manager.

He was a great player and a good sport and while he may be gone his legacy will never leave as long as there is baseball to be played.

His 1948 Bowman #6 rookie card, shown above (I do not own this card) will cost you well over $150 but there are reprint available but there are plenty of relics in the $10-15 range and autographs starting around $30.
I end with a classic Yogi-ism "Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours."