Thursday, November 21, 2019

Happy Birthday Kid

 Happy 50th to the man with the sweetest swing, Ken Griffey Jr.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Monday Question Day- Display Options?

Today is question day:

Do you display your cards?

I have a small collection of cards, around 35, that I display on two sets of shelves that in a previous life were my CD storage shelves. I also have some Funko Pop! Figures and SGA pieces. Everything else is in binders or 5,000-ct boxes.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Padre, Shé And The Twins 8x10

I have made some significant additions to my Machete autograph collections. Last year I picked up three 8x10 autographs; Cheech Marin, Michele Rodriguez and the Avellan twins (Electra and Elise). Not long ago I created some custom Danny Trejo cards that I planned to send TTM but I have been procrastinating, I really need to get them sent out.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Three Race Cars In My Pocket

From about 1998 through 2010-ish I was a regular racing collector. I continued to pick up the occasional NASCAR blaster for a few more years but I only watch a race or two each season now, so I am no longer an active collector. But because racing sets include some of the coolest relics, I still will pick up a couple of cards a year.  

In last year’s COMC Black Friday order I had three NASCAR cards. A 1998 Upper Deck Road To The Cup- Winning Material Dale Jarrett piston ring/fire suit dual relic. This card was a gift for my son, he is a total gear head and loves the piston ring in a card.

A 2013 Press Pass Redline- Muscle Car Memorabilia Jeff Burton sheet metal relic

A 2009 Wheels Main Event- Stop & Go Pit Sign Scott Speed sign relic. 

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Custom Corner- The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings

What if I told you there was a great baseball movie that stars Billy Dee Williams, James Earl Jones, Richard Pryor and Otis Day as traveling Negro League players based in the 1930s would you believe me? There is and the name of it is The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings and if you can find a copy of it, sit down and enjoy it. 

After I watched the movie I made custom set but the files sat on my external hard drive for 3 years before I recently re-discovered them. The movie takes place in the 1930s, but I felt the 1951 Bowman set was a better design.

Billy Dee Williams played Bingo Long, the pitcher and the one who created the team.

James Earl Jones played Leon Carter, a power hitting catcher along the lines of Josh Gibson

Richard Pryor played Charlie Snow, but he changed his name to appear as a different race. When he wanted people to think he was Latino he went by Carlos Nevada and when he wanted people to think he was Native American he went by Chief Takahoma. So, Richard Pryor gets three cards, with the Charlie Snow being the base, the Carlos Nevada being the SP and the Chief Takahoma being a SSP.
Otis Day played Rainbow, the not-all-there bat boy.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Crikey Ink

I have talked about Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, on here before. When Dart released a set based on him in 2002, I picked a box and I was fortunate enough to pull the Danger-Ware relic cards for both Steve and Terri Irwin. I have always wanted to add their autographs to my collection but Steve’s autograph from the set is often in the $750-1,000 range and Terri’s auto can be found in the $55-60 range. Not bad, but more than I wanted to spend for an autograph.

I was fortunate enough to find one that was being offered for $38 BIN/BO because there is a crease in the card. We worked out a deal that we were both happy with. The crease isn’t bad, it isn’t even visible in the scan, but you can see it in hand if you are looking for it. This was a case where I am happy just to have the card, the condition is secondary.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Monday Question Day- No Go Zone?

Today is question day:

Have you ever seen a set that initially interests you, but after hitting a point you decided against adding the cards to your collection?

Topps Moments & Milestones and Topps Tek/ High Tek are two that are high on my list of “keep away” sets. These types of sets that are made up of dozens of variations and parallels are frustrating. I made the bad decision to jump in with both feet in to the Moments & Milestones set and bought a box. I have never purchased another card from the set, I have washed my hands too it.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Please Topps

Earlier this year I purchased a couple of packs of 2019 Topps Now Future World Series through their web site. One of the cards that I pulled, Patrick Corbin, didn’t include the prize information on the back that stated what I would receive if the Washington Nationals won the World Series. I sent a message to Topps customer support in May to ask about the error. It took them 2 months to respond, but they said to return the card to be replaced so I sent the card back in early August.

This was my PWE to Topps

Again, 2 months with no response from Topps and the MLB Playoffs in full swing so I send another email to find out what is going on, this one on 10/13. I got a response on 10/25 with the rep saying she would check the mail room and get back to me. Since then the Nats won the World Series and I should be submitting a code to request my prize, instead I am sitting here without the replacement card I was promised, and Topps has my card missing the prize information.

I am in frustration mode here, do I keep pestering Topps or allow the rep time to get things fixed? I worry that if I push then I will end up with nothing, a replacement card of a player who isn’t on the Nationals team (so no prize) or some random over-produced insert as a booby prize. I also worry that if I don’t push, then they will never follow up and end up with nothing. Arggghhh

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

DeAndre Ayton Front And Center

Last year there was a once in a lifetime event for me with the 2018 NBA Draft. The Phoenix Suns, my favorite pro team, had the #1 pick and selected DeAndre Ayton from the University of Arizona, my favorite college team. 

The Suns are still rebuilding, and Ayton was just hit with a 25-game suspension, but being a fan means good seasons and bad seasons. I do want to point out that Ayton’s follow up test showed no trace of a banned substance, so I expect an appeal.

This is from one of Panini’s National releases and is a player worn material, serial #13/15. The piece is silver/gray and Arizona does have an alternate jersey that has silver but with this being a player worn piece I am leaning more towards a workout shirt.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Monday Question Day: Laptop booklet Cards

Today is question day:

How do you feel about booklet cards that open like a laptop instead of a book?

I think a booklet card like this would display nicely as it is designed, but booklet card top loaders are designed to display cards side by side. I guess you could easily stand up the top loader with a laptop opening booklet card.

This card is from the 2019 Topps UFC Knockoue release.