Friday, September 23, 2016

A Successful Trade With SCC

In August the Sports Card Collector reviewed a box of 2016 Donruss Football, which is my favorite football release of the year so far. It is a case of going back to Donruss early releases and keeping the design simple with some cool inserts that makes me appreciate this set.
The big hit of his review was a Markus Wheaton Press Proof black parallel #/10 but in my eyes the pull of interest was the Thomas Rawls Aqueous Test parallel. I was hoping to add this young Seahawk to my collection so I contacted him and we worked out a deal for the card, which I really appreciated.
Rawls replaced Lynch last year after Lynch was hurt and had pretty good results. As the starting RB this season Rawls has not had the same type of results and was hurt last week so he will not be playing in the upcoming game against the 49ers.
Additionally, SCC tossed in a couple of Mariners’; Tyler O’Neill is a prospect outfielder currently with the Mariners AA Jackson Generals where he is batting .293 with 144 hits and 24 HRs in 130 games. I expect to see him in Tacoma next season. The other guy is well known by the Seattle faithful, Edgar Martinez. Now that Griffey and Johnson are in the Hall of Fame there is hope that Edgar follows them in but having spent a good portion of his career as a DH he has an uphill battle considering that he was just on his 7th ballot and while his numbers are increasing, he hit 43% this past ballot, he only has three more years to try and hit the magic 75% needed. The 2016 Bunt release is one of my favorite baseball releases this year.
I close with a trio of Griffeys, always the best way to make me smile.

Actually I close with a tool SCC tossed in, a BCW Card Thickness gauge. Too often I have made a judgement call and purchased the wrong size top loaders and one-touch magnetic holders and the card I wanted to fit doesn't quite work out so this is a perfect tool that really every collector should have in their collection.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Art Gallery: ACEO General Zod

This month’s Art Gallery display comes from a regular Joe sketch artist, I honestly don’t even know his real name because he just goes by GrayBat in our emails back and forth. The card is General Zod, as depicted by Michael Shannon in the Superman reboot Man of Steel.

General Zod has been one of my favorite villains going back to Superman and Superman II when the role was played by Terence Stamp. Sadly, even though the character has been around since Adventure Comics #283 (April 1961) he is relatively ignored in cardboard form. Finding a cool General Zod sketch card is near impossible so when I came across this ACEO sketch card I was more than happy to spend $3 because it is quite a piece.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Couple Of Seattle Guys Late In Their Careers

It is a beautiful time of year, the heat is finally dying down and the days are cooler. Both baseball and football are in season and basketball is not far away. I have not made it a secret of my love for Seattle, I spent half of my life there and will be a die-hard Seattle fan until the day that I die and have often talked about my beloved Sea-town teams.

How about some old guys who looked to extend their career another season in Seattle? A couple of cards of one of the greatest base stealers ever,  Rickey Henderson. Henderson played 92 games in Seattle in 2000 and then went on to play for the Padres, Mets and Dodgers over the next three seasons before calling it a career.

Another guy who made it up the coast from the Bay Area who would put in a season in Seattle, Jerry Rice. He played 11 games for the Seahawks in 2004 and did nicely for a receiver on 42-year old legs catching 25 passes for 362-yards and three TDs. After finishing up in Seattle he signed a one-year contract with Denver but decided to retire before the ink even dried. The 2005 Upper Deck NFL Legends card lists him as a Bronco even though he never played in a regular season game for them. In 2005 Upper Deck released at least two relic cards that I know of which show Rice in a Seahawks uniform, lists him as a Bronco and include a jersey relic from one of his Raiders jerseys. I don't have either of them but they are on my Grey Whale Want List.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Some Swimmy Dinosaurs

 Last year, after a successful Kickstarter run, Monsterwax released Dinosaur Galaxy. This was one of the 4 dinosaur related sets that came out last year so it was kind of lost behind the Upper Deck Dinosaur release and the Topps Dinosaur Attacks release (part of the Mars Attacks set). The other dinosaur set released last year, in case you are wondering, was Breygent Jurassic Domination.

Monsterwax’s Dinosaur Galaxy was a 123-card base set with four inserts; a 6-card acetate Liquid Leviathans, 6-card Magnificent Megafauna, 4-card lenticular 3D Dino-motion and the 40-card Bone Wars cards (which were replicates of the first 40 sketch cards). The hits include printing plates and sketch cards.  

I am interested in mainly the sketch cards with the dinosaur sets but when I came across someone selling the entire 6-card acetate set for $8 plus shipping I couldn’t resist. I will admit I was pretty underwhelmed by what I received. I was hoping for something more comparable to the insert Monsterwax was trying to imitate, the Upper Deck Predators of the Sea from their Dinosaurs release. Now Upper Decks cards are shadow box cards, and very awesome, so I wasn’t expecting that but I guess I was expecting more.

These cards are not really acetate but more like a single lair lenticular card. I appreciate the effort but this set just does not seem really like an insert as an afterthought. The illustrations are nice but there are no markings, not even numbers, on the cards so you are at a loss of which way is front and which is back. The illustrator’s signature at the bottom is difficult to read so that doesn’t help. I did notice that one side is smooth and the other has a bit of a texture so I am guessing the smooth side is the back.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Is Anyone Really Surprised?

 It has just been announced that after his first game in a Browns uniform, RG3 is out 10-12 weeks with a broken bone in his shoulder. The injury happened late in the 4th Quarter of last week's game against the Eagles when he made a run to the sideline and slammed in to a waiting Byron Maxwell.
ESPN’s Adam Schefter is saying that he may be out for the remainder of the season, another lost season for Griffin, who was looking for redemption with the move to Cleveland now appears to just be a change in uniform with the same injury results.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Another Trip Back To WWI Germany

I have always been an enthusiastic reader with history subjects being at the top of my interests, specific the early 20th Century and World War I. I have a mini WWI related collection but it is a difficult collection to build with few options but I am always watching and will always happily add anything connected to Manfred von Richthofen, also known as the Red Baron. I have posted two vintage Richthofen cards in previous VCoM and believe it or not I have more vintage Richthofen cards for future VCoM posts but today I go with some modern cards.

My most recent Red Baron pickups are from modern sets. Two are from the 2008 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball release, the base version and a #1/1 Memorable Moments parallel. The 1/1 card is thicker and has a small cutout on the front with the memorable moments clipping.

The next card comes from the 2009 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball release and the final card is from the 2011 Goodwin Champions release. If you are an eagle eye you will catch an uncorrected error on the back of this card which says he was killed in 1818, which should actually be 1918.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

News From Sin City

Now that I live in Nevada I get to hear all the latest updates on professional sports teams moving to Las Vegas on the local news. I actually live further away from Las Vegas now even though I am in Nevada then I did when I lived in the East Valley in Arizona.  

In June the NHL announced that there will be a new expansion team in Las Vegas, making it the 31st team in the league, beginning play in the 2017-18 season. The next step for the City of Sin is to come up with a name and if you are a fan of obscure names you are in luck. Get ready for the Las Vegas Desert Knights!!!

Reportedly the final name had been Nighthawks followed by back up names of Desert Hawks and Red Hawks but they were deemed too close to the Chicago Blackhawks so the names were all jettisoned. Next up came Black Knights, pretty cool name but the Army said “NO” so it went to Knights but there is the London Knights in the Ontario Hockey League so those too were kicked to the curb. So here we are at the Desert Knights.

While writing the post I did some searching to find out if there was anything I could use to repurpose to create a logo mock up and I did find out that there are a couple of biker gangs named Desert Knights, so the team has that going for them. Some names that I could suggest based on Nevada wildlife would be Golden Eagles or Mountain Lions. There are no NHL teams with similar names, obviously in the NFL but these are different enough. I did find a couple of colleges with the Golden Eagles name but nothing major. Two names that would be 100% better than Desert Knights.

Now on to news announced today, the Nevada Oversight Committee voted to recommend $750 million public funding for an NFL stadium in Las Vegas in an attempt to lure the Raiders to town. In addition to the public funding, the casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has plans to offer $650 million and the Raiders are offering $500 million for a Las Vegas stadium. Nearly $2 billion would build a beautiful 65,000 seat domed stadium that would also be the home of the UNLV football team.

I wouldn’t feel any different about the Raiders being in Las Vegas and the taxes being raised are room taxes in Las Vegas so it doesn’t bother me but having seen the Mariners and Seahawks almost move and the Sonics stolen I feel bad for the cities that loose professional teams because it affects the fans.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A Custom Card Contest Entry

Jedi Jeff from 2x3 Heroes is holding a custom card contest featuring yourself as an athlete as a teenager or younger.

My card is from 1988 when I was a Junior in high school, so I used the 1988 Topps Football design. I had to colorize the picture because it was black and white from my yearbook. I am including the original picture scanned from the yearbook too.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

We Salute Your Honor

It has been 15 years and the world has changed greatly since 9/11/01 but one thing will never pass and that is the respectful memory of those who lost their lives that day and the families that have been affected.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Welcome To The NBA Hall Of Fame

 Today the NBA welcomes 10 new members in to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. The class includes Shaquille O’Neal, Allen Iverson, Yao Ming, Sheryl Swoopes, Tom Izzo, Jerry Reinsdorf, John McClendon, Darrell Garretson, Zelmo Beaty and Cumberland Posey (Who is also in the Baseball Hall of Fame).

Shaq was the reason I returned to collecting in 1992, specifically the hunt for his 1992-93 Stadium Club card. A card which I consider such a big part of my collecting that it is my wallet card…I really need to take that out and take some photos.

The player out of this group that I collected was Allen Iverson, maybe not the most pleasant guy and he had an issue with practice but he played with heart and ferocity and he carried the 76ers to the 2001 NBA Finals. The thing about Iverson is he is the athlete out of all sports that I have pulled out of packs the most hits.