Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

After waiting three years I finally picked up a 2013 Spider-Man The Original Animated Series Lenticular Motion Trading Cards set. When the set came out in 2013 Rittenhouse was selling the 9-card lenticular set and one of two different Paul Soles (the voice of Spider-man in the show) autographs for $99 and that just seemed unreasonable plus I figured that people would cherry pick the set for the autograph and flood the eBay machine with the base set for $15-20, which is when I would have grabbed one, yeah I was wrong.

Three years later and I have never seen a base set show up without the autograph so I finally picked up one of my Grey Whales. I selected the set with the Spider-man autograph card, the other autograph card is of Peter Parker. There is actually a dealer who sells the sets for $39, usually about once a month, otherwise expect to spend around $90 for a set. I would eventually like to add the Peter Parker version autograph.
The cards do not scan very well because the lenticular texture but here is a video of the first card in the set. They are quite beautiful in hand. The backs of the card are basic white with a card number #L1-L9 and copyright information.

Spidey swinging

Shooting web

Swinging towards you

Waving while swinging

Lifting up camera

Shooting webs towards you

Swinging across card

Swinging towards you

Playing rock paper scissors? Maybe? Not sure

Monday, February 8, 2016

All That Is Left IV

Unlike the previous two Super Bowls where I stressed most of the game, yesterday’s game I was able to just sit back and relax. I was not rooting for either team so no matter what it was a win-win for me. The only thing that I had in the back of my mind was how my Sports Cards Super Bowl prediction was doing and how freaky was it that heading in to the 4th Quarter the score was 16-7 with the Broncos on top? This prediction was the closest the cards have come; maybe next year I will get at least one of the scores correct.

Now it is time to see All That Is Left IV

This year I pulled a couple of decent cards and even three hits. The blasters I grabbed each promised one rookie relic card but I pulled a Rookie Ink autograph out of the Panini Contenders box.


Here is what came from the Topps Chrome blaster:

A Calvin Johnson Refractor
One of the best receivers of this NFL’s generation who is expected to retire shortly
A Blue Wave Refractor Ameer Abdullah and a Green Refractor Josh Harper
The Blue Wave Refractors are 1 per Hobby Box so a nice pull there and Abdullah had a decent season and with Johnson leaving he can pick up receptions. Harper on the other hand isn’t even on a team, he was undrafted and signed with the Raiders but was waived before the season even began

A 1989 Topps Super Rookie from my favorite team
A 60th Anniversary Eli Manning… Mr. Not-Happy-For-His-Brother

I finish off the Topps Chrome box with the Walmart Exclusive Rookie Relic card. I pulled Chicago Bears rookie Jeremy Langford. This is some sort of parallel of the base card, it is purplish and #/75 where the base versions are not numbered.

Here is what came from the Panini Contenders blaster:

A triple threat of Seahawks and it is expected to see Lynch retire soon too
A DeMarco Murray Playoff Ticket #/199
You wonder if he is reconsidering that move to Philadelphia?
A Round Numbers die-cut of Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota
A Pennants die-cut Justin Forsett

A Rookie Ink Danny Shelton autograph
Shelton is from the Seattle area and played at UW  

Closing with my guaranteed Rookie Ticket Relic of DeVante Parker
Like the Topps Chrome guaranteed rookie relic I pulled another decent player but nothing special.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sports Cards Super Bowl VI

We are now down to two

The old gun slinger versus the young quick draw

Does Peyton Manning end his career with a Super Bowl win like John Elway?


Does Cam Newton send notice to the rest of the league that he is ready to begin a Hall of Fame career with a championship?

Now on to Sports Cards Super Bowl IV  

The previous five years I picked up two Championship Football repack box which usually gave me around 25-30 repacks packs and I would tally up the points using the various cards to predict the outcome of the Super Bowl but this year none of the local Walmart stores had any of the Championship Football repack boxes and I was in a bit of a pickle. As I looked through the small section of sports cards and considered my options I wondered if I should skip the Sports Cards Super Bowl, ala the 1994 World Series, or call an audible. I called an audible and grabbed two blasters, one from Topps and one from Panini to try and get a bit of variety. This year the cards making the prediction are 2015 Topps Chrome Football and 2015 Panini Contenders Football.

This is my sixth year doing Sports Cards Super Bowl and I am 3-2 as a predictor, which probably would be good enough to win the AFC South Division. Here are the previous results:



The scoring system will remain similar to previous years:

Extra Point (1 pt.) For random cards that could be a sign or superstitious

Field Goal (3 pts.) For any player from the Broncos or Panthers

Touchdown (7 pts.) For any Hall of Fame player from the Broncos or Panthers (or if they are a HOF lock)

TD w/ 2pt Conversion (8 pts.) For any Broncos or Panthers autos or relics


2015 Topps Chrome Football

Broncos- 7 points
#100 Payton Manning (HOF lock)

Panthers- 0 points 

Broncos 7
Panthers 0

2015 Panini Contenders Football

Broncos- 9 points
#2 CJ Anderson

#3 DeMaryius Thomas

#91 Emmanuel Sanders

Panthers – 7 points
#42 Cam Newton (I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on a HOF career)

Broncos 16
Panthers 7

A low scoring game that does not pick up until the 3rd quarter but after a couple of field goals by the Broncos we see Cam Newton turn on the electricity and finally lead the Panthers to a touchdown but it will not be enough. Payton Manning ends his career with his second Super Bowl title and retires a champion.

Friday, February 5, 2016

C-3PO Makes It Three In A Row (For You Fuji)

The last two days I have done Star Wars related posts so I decided to make it a trilogy with today’s post, as suggested by Fuji, and I am going with the famous C-3PO golden rod error card. This is one of my Top 10 Wants cards that I recently picked up.

The card is from the 1977 Topps Star Wars Series 4 (Green) release and is card #207, which depicts a scene of C-3PO (Anthony Davis). Now the scene itself is nothing special but what made this card collectible is the additional “unit” that C-3PO is sporting making him look more like a porn star than a human-cyborg relations protocol droid.

There have been a couple of explanations, that seem reasonable when considered, as to why C-3PO appears to have an erection. Some claim it was a disgruntled Topps employee but Topps has been clear that the image came directly from LucasFilms, and contact sheets show that the original image sent to Topps does contain the shot of C-3PO packing so Topps is off the hook. LucasFilms responded by stating it was just a case of bad timing and that when the picture was taken a piece of the C-3PO costume was falling and just happened to be a case of “Whoops” and not noticed when the image was sent to Topps.  

But we may finally have an answer from author Gary Gerani in his recently released book Star Wars: The Original Topps Trading Card Series, Volume One. In the book, which is dedicated to Topps Star Wars trading cards, Gerani (Who worked for Topps at the time) states that he was on the set while the movie was being filmed and one day the employees of the LucasFilms costume department were screwing around and gave C-3PO the extra equipment and taking pictures and somehow one of the pictures was included in the contact sheets sent to Topps.

Considering that Gary Gerani worked for Topps at the time and was present on the movie set during the filming of Episode IV and has nothing to gain by making this claim (His book would have sold no matter what he said about the card) I am apt to believe him.

Topps eventually airbrushed out the unit and re-released the card. There has never been an announcement as to how many of the error card and corrected card were released but it is believed that the corrected clean version of the card may actually be more limited than the X-rated version.

The prices of the individual cards can vary greatly, I have seen some of the corrected versions sell for anywhere from $8-10 up to $25-30 for ungraded versions while the Golden Rod version running from $20-25 up to $100 for ungraded versions. I picked up both of the cards in one purchase and while they are not pristine cards they are in reasonable condition but with slight paper separation at the corners, the corrected version is significantly off-center and the coloring is not as brilliant as the Golden Rod version.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Such Beauty From A Bad Ass

One card post tonight

I finally picked up an autograph of one of the most beautiful signatures from one of the evilest bounty hunters in the universe. A Jeremy Bulloch gold ink autograph, along with a nice “Boba” inscription, on a Star Wars TCG card. I still would love to add an official autograph but this will do for now.

I just realized I did two Star Wars posts in a row. Which way should I go tomorrow?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Zeb In High Tek

I got addicted to High Tek when it returned last year for baseball and now that Topps has carried the line over to Star Wars I followed too. The Star Wars cards are not a priority like the Griffey High Tek cards but I watch for good deals and jump on them when I can.

My most resent pick up is this Zeb Orrelios Cloud Diffractor #/25. Zeb is from the animated series Star Wars Rebels, I love this show. Zeb is the group’s muscle and occasional laugh and he is voiced by the talented Steve Blum. The reason I went with Zeb is he is one of my favorite characters from the show, my favorite is actually the Grand Inquisitor but he died towards the end of the first season.

I plan to continue picking up cards from the set but I will definitely focus on the cards of the characters from Rebels. I usually target the base patterns but I will happily grab any of the limited parallels when priced reasonably.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

See Some More Amazing Acts

In my continued effort of hunting down the Artist Cards insert set from the 2013 Viceroy Carnival release I have just added #AC3, the Lion Tamer, and #AC8, Beard of Bees.

I love the Artist Cards, they were created by various artists similar to sketch cards but they are printed on metal and they are limited to #/25 though the individual cards are not numbered. These are the second and third cards I picked up from the insert set, in August I purchased my first one the Barker.

I am not sure if I want to complete the Artist Card checklist or stick to singles, some of the other cards that I know I want to pick up in the 9-card checklist are the Escape Artist and Sword Swallower.. Eventually I would also like to pick up some of the sketch cards.

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Hitman In For A Battle

Today Bret Hart announced he is fighting prostate cancer and will have surgery in the next few days as part of his treatment. I grew up watching wrestling in the 1980s with my brother and Hart was one of my bigger brother’s favorite wrestlers and he loved getting me in to the figure-four leg lock.

Bret Hart was a great wrestler, vocal and charismatic, and he was a 5-time Champion. I was a big fan of the Hart Foundation tag-team though I think that was more because I liked Jim Neidhart’s killer goatee.

Bret was also the victim of bad blood with WWF/WWE owner Vince McMahon in what is now known as the Montreal Screwjob. Hart was leaving for rival organization WCW but he was the WWF Heavyweight Champion, it had been decided that his final match in the 1997 Survivor Series against Shawn Michaels was supposed to end in a DQ and Hart would forfeit the title before he left WWF but instead Vince McMahon, in a strange twist, really rigged the match so referee Earl Hebner would call the match saying Hart tapped out. He eventually reconnected with the WWE and was inducted in to the Hall of Fame in 2006.

Brett Hart fans have plenty of options with cards dating back to 1987, he has a handful of relic cards from ITG/SportKings and Topps and autographs in ITG/SportKings, Leaf and more recently Topps. Relic prices are starting around $20 with autographs running about $10 more than the relics. Now if you are on the search for Bret Hart autograph there are plenty of 8x10 autographed photos for significantly less.


Hopefully Hart comes through his surgery and recovers quickly.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Where The Cards Bleed Red

I always love picking up unique cards of the players that I collect, even better when it is a Ken Griffey Jr. card like this 1990 Fleer #513. These cards are usually called “Color Wash” when certain colors bleed over the card in excess but in a case like this when it is so extreme they are called “Color Bombed” for obvious reasons.

Both the front and back were oversaturated with Magenta leaving the card overly red. The front is not as noticeable but when you look closely you see that the blues appear purple and the seats in the stands are streaky with red. The back on the other hand is quite noticeable.

There are certain sets where this was quite common, namely the 1990 Pro Set Football release. Some were so bad in that release that a few of the cards were just a complete single color wash and the image was unrecognizable.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Upper Deck's e-Pack Is Live And Seems Pretty Cool

Today Upper Deck went the digital route, with a twist, similar to what Topps and Panini have done with their digital trader apps. The difference is that Upper Deck’s e-Pack is a combination of e-Topps and the apps. Currently e-Pack is only accessible online through Upper Deck’s e-Pack web site but it will eventually be available through Google Play as a downloadable app, no announcement if it will eventually be on Apple and Windows products.

I tried to figure the best way to describe the service but the best way I can do that is actually just posting part of Upper Deck’s announcement about e-Pack

As you may have already heard, Upper Deck made a major announcement today regarding the release of Upper Deck e-Pack, an innovative new system that allows collectors to instantly purchase and open hockey packs online at anytime, anywhere. Upper Deck has taken digital trading cards collecting to an entirely new level, with patent pending technology that gives collectors the ability to get actual physical versions of the digital cards they pulled from e-Pack mailed out to them at any time.”

Essentially you can purchase online packs using real cash, though you do get one free 3-card pack each day, and the cards can be combined to make a limited parallel or an insert and then you can request that a physical version of that card to be sent to you or to COMC. Upper Deck is rolling this out in a limited way with only 2015-16 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey being available. In the spring Series 2 Hockey will be added and a third, unnamed, product will be released later this year.
As you can see I signed up, I figure since I will at least get a free pack a day I am game. I beta tested e-Topps and loved it and I am interested to see how Upper Deck runs with their version. I would think that if the hockey products do well that adding Marvel products would be a natural transition and then eventually their other multi-sport and entertainment licenses.