Monday, January 16, 2017

The Raiders Are Heading To Vegas

On Saturday the Raiders confirmed that they intend on filing relocation papers to move to Las Vegas though an official announcement has not been made but is expected before too long.
I know that a uniform change/rebrand probably won’t happen, and I seriously hope they don’t change their logo or colors, because of the history that the Raiders hold but I decided to mess around with some mockups of what might become of the Raiders helmets. I really hope that they keep the silver and black color scheme but this is a What If? situation so of course I have to play the devil’s advocate.

When you look at the Las Vegas area you will notice the use of certain colors, between the casinos and Las Vegas’ various teams from their past and present.

University of Las Vegas: Scarlett and gray

Las Vegas Locomotives (UFL): Red, black and silver

Las Vegas Wranglers (ECHL) Red, black and silver

Las Vegas 51s (Triple-A Mets team): Blue and gray
You get the idea, so I worked with red and gray/silver plus there are various gradients so I tossed that in on one of the helmets.


With the Las Vegas Golden Knights NHL expansion team finalizing their name and logo I played off of their colors so the professional teams match. They have them listed as steel gray, gold, red and black. I pulled this logo from their official Golden Knights web site.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Thank You

I want to say “Thank you” to those who have given me words of support, it means a lot to me being part of this hobby and right now things are tough and I am torn trying what to do next.

Like many bloggers I have written a number of posts that I have held as a draft until I was ready to post in cases of writer’s block or I wasn’t able to sit down and write out a post. I have now completed many of these posts and they are all set to go as drafts, I have a month’s worth of posts, so I will probably be posting many of these while I figure what I want to do. Some of these write ups go back to early 2016 and for some reason or another I just never posted them but in a situation like this it works out for me having these old posts. Some may be a bit dated or more information has come out, as is the case of the recent announcement by Upper Deck regarding the Clerks card set, so I will update them as I go.

Again, “Thank you” for your support.

Friday, January 13, 2017

LA Is Now The Owner Of Two NFL Teams...Again

*EDIT: Last night I created these mockup helmets, both the Navy & White and the original Chargers colors but I scheduled it to post this morning at 9am local time (8am in LA) because I already posted yesterday and today 4 hours after my post went live the Chargers updated their logo to using the original Chargers colors.

I know that the idea of using the colors was not just my idea but I was the first to post it before even the Chargers posted. Remember, you saw it here first LOL
It is official, the Chargers are moving to Los Angeles after 55 years in San Diego. It is kind of a return for the Chargers who began their franchise as the LA Chargers in 1960 before moving to San Diego in 1961. The team will eventually share a stadium with the Rams in Inglewood, which is scheduled to be finished in 2019 so for the next two years they will play at the StubHub Center in Carson.
Last year after the NFL’s plan was announced about the Rams, Raiders and Chargers relocation fiasco I had done a mockup of what the Charger’s new helmets may look like using a similar font to what the Chargers used but with their announcement they included the new LA Chargers logo and it appears that they intend to do some re-branding with the new logo appearing to be similar to the Dodgers logo and color scheme so I created a new mockup using the logo released yesterday. I figured they would use the blue as the primary color and have the facemasks with the secondary white.

There is an NFL rule that dictates how and when visual changes can be made and the new logo will not appear on uniforms/helmets just yet, the Chargers will continue to use the same uniforms that they have been wearing so this is just something I did for fun.
I made a plain helmet (Above) plus two more with stripe variations below:  Single white stripe (Top) and Double white stripe (Bottom)

To get an idea of what it would look like if they had kept the San Diego team colors:

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Well Damn

Last night I was forced to do something that every collector dreads. It doesn’t matter if you collect cards, comic books or antique furniture but we fear that day when we need to make decisions and our collection comes in second.
I have serious health issues, not terminal but to the point where my daily life is significantly worse than I should be at 44-years old. I require a collection of medication daily, some days the pain is so bad I need to use a cane just to walk a few feet and it is possible that in a decade I may not be able to walk. I do have good days and bad days but I have accepted my illnesses and come to terms with all that comes with them but in the past 18 months I have gone through a number of medical procedures, two surgeries, a divorce and in the past six months two moves. The bills do add up and the moves destroyed my savings cushion so part of my collection will need to be sacrificed.
The worst is that my Great White Whale, the 1933 Goudey Lou Gehrig, is part of that sacrifice along with Gehrig, Mantle and Thorpe jersey relic cards. I hoped this day would ever happen but it finally did.
This decision has not come easily and now that I have listed the cards I feel like I am in a funk and honestly part of me wants to just give in and stop collecting but another part of me wants to soldier on and points to the joy I have of collecting and interacting with the hobby community.     

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Johnny Manziel will be in Houston during the Super Bowl and he will be signing autographs for all his adoring fans. Crave Sports has set up the autograph signing for one hour each day on February 2nd and February 3rd at two different malls in Houston. And because Johnny Football is in such high demand you can expect to pay big bucks to fuel his addictions: $99 for an autograph and an additional $29 for an inscription. Want a photo with the train wreck? It will be $99 for a photo op or $50 for a selfie.
I am certain there will be hundreds of fans at each signing all willing to pay the $99+ to get his autograph at a live event. Just to break things down, let’s say 100 people show up for each 1-hour session, this means he will spend an average of 36 seconds with each person. Is paying $99 for half a minute with Manziel seem logical?
Now if I were even a fan there are plenty of options out there that would save time and money, though you do miss out on the 36 seconds of being in his vicinity and breathing the same air.
If 8x10 photos is your choice for autographs, this Panini Authentic Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns autographed 8x10 that was signed at the 2014 National during Panini’s VIP party went for $15.50 w/ $4.50 shipping last week. There are currently two more up for auction for under $40 shipped.
If you are more a card autograph type of collector there is a very cool option in this 2014 Press Pass Gameday Gallery autograph #10/25. I think this is a nice looking card, limited and an on-card autograph. You cannot go wrong with this one and it isn’t bad at $20 w/ $3 shipping, this would be my choice.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Why I Don't Like To Prospect But Do It Anyway

I have never really been someone to hunt down prospects, I just seem to make bad decisions and end up with cards that no longer fit in my collection. I was picking up Dustin Ackley cards but then his numbers dipped and I was even fine with that because his card prices dropped too but then he was traded to the Yankees and I was done with Ackley. Not long after that I started picking up Taijuan Walker and Alex Jackson cards but on November 23rd Walker was traded to the D-Backs and five days later Jackson was traded to the Braves.

What made it worse is that I had both Walker and Jackson cards in my COMC account so it was a painful reminder when I got my order in December. At least Walker made it to the Mariners where he went a “meh” 22-22 with a 4.18 ERA. Jackson toiled away in the minors not breaking the A level and even though he was a Top 20 prospect for the Mariners he was still years away from making the parent team.

So here is what I got that are just going to be packed away with my ex-Mariners collection, luckily they did not cost too much:

2014 Bowman Sterling Japan-Fractor Taijuan Walker

A couple of early Alex Jackson cards
2013 Leaf Showcase Metal Perfect Game Stars
2014 Bowman Draft Picks Asia Black Exclusive
2015 Bowman’s Best High Definition
These cards are thick and use an amazingly beautiful image that looks wonderful in-hand
2015 Bowman Draft Asia Exclusive” Black Wave, Red & Black and Black Refractor
Will I continue to chase Mariners’ prospects? Most likely

Will I get burned again? Yes of course

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Zombie Apocolypse

Last week George Kosana passed away at the age of 81 years old, he co-wrote Night Of The Living Dead with George Romero, he was one of the producers and he also played the sheriff in the movie. In honor of him and his work I am doing this post which includes two Kosana autographs.

Night of the Living Dead has been a favorite of mine for many years. George Romero is the father of modern zombies and if he had not been able to rustle up $114,000 in investments in 1968 and put together what would amount to a student film we would not have movies like Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland and World War Z and shows like Walking Dead and iZombie would be flops.
But Romero and his friends did pull things together and along with the citizens of Evans City, Pennsylvania unleashed Night Of The Living Dead and the zombie world has not looked back. Actually beyond liking the movie I used to not be a fan of zombie stories but that has since changed. A quick factoid, many of the actors were part of the production company or friends of the production team with the extras roles being filed by the citizens of Evans City.
I have been working on a nice collection of autographs and sketch cards from the 2012 Unstoppable Cards Night Of The Living Dead but there are a couple of other options, not many, available like the 1987 Rosem 50-card set (My next target of NOLD cards) and 1988 Image 10/Fantaco 68-card checklist.

2012 Unstoppable Cards promo card of Karen Cooper, played by Kyra Schon

A couple of sketch cards showing Karen Cooper

A couple of sketches of Harry Cooper, played by Karl Hardman.

A couple of sketches of Ben, played by Duane Jones.
This second sketch card of Ben was drawn on pages from the original script. There were only two of these in the entire sketch set.
A couple of sketches of Johnny, played by Russ Streiner. He was part of the production company (One of the movie producers) and while he was one of the first characters seen in the movie his role was uncredited in the movie. His mother also played a zombie in the movie.

A sketch of the first zombie of the movie, Bill, essentially he is the Godfather of all the zombies on television and in movies now. The role was played by Bill Hinzman, who was a cameraman for the movie.

A sketch of the news reporter, played by Lee Hartman.
I have a 10 autographs from three different sets. My favorite is the Russ Streiner that has an inscription from probably the most famous line to come from the movie. Most of his cards are just his signature so this one cost a bit more than I was hoping to spend but I had to have it.
A Kyra Schon
A John Russo. He wrote the screenplay and had two parts in the movie, one as a military reporter and one as a zombie, which is pictured here.
A double dose of George Kasano. I am not sure why but he signed in both blue ink and black ink, neither seems rarer than the other so they both sell around the same price so I picked up one of each. He was another producer for the movie.

The next three are part of the 1990 Image 10/Fantaco set. Two I already had from the 2012 Unstoppable Cards set; John Russo and Russ Streiner, but the third was a big coup. The man himself George Romero.

The final two autographs come from the 2010 Breygent Classic Vintage Movie Poster Autographs; Judith O’Dea (she played Barbara) and Bill Hizman. What is cool about this one is that he add the inscription “Zombie #1”), most of these cards he just signed his name.

The latest card in my collection is a printing plate form the Movie Poster subset. As far as I know Unstoppable Cards only released one printing plate per card. The back is just a sticker that was added before the plates were packed out.


Friday, January 6, 2017

Wallet Card Volume 2

I love the idea of wallet card and I even selected one, which I ended up making a smaller version to fit in to my wallet. Sadly, I did not take many pictures with Shaq, posting only 7 times, over the two years that he has been hanging around the confines of my wallet.
I even have had many many many opportunities, some of my adventures just in the last year; two 12 hour driving trips (passing Hoover Dam and Las Vegas both times), four flights, five road trips to Lake Tahoe, multiple casinos, lots of restaurants which included the best damn burger I have ever had (No joke, if you are in Reno hit Beefy’s, you will thank me later), rode a train, watched the sun set over the Pacific Ocean, saw a couple of plays, a wedding, a college graduation, a handful of art exhibits, saw a custom Seahawks guitar, visited some haunted hotels in Virginia City and I ate alligator. I really could have taken my wallet card out once or twice during any of those times.
This year I plan to be more diligent with my photographing and this year I have selected a Ken Griffey Jr card, his 1994 Bowman’s Best #40. I really like this card and at one point had been a ghost card, I now have two so one stays in the collection and one gets to spend the next 12 months hanging out in a wallet.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Someone Selling My Digital Art, Not Cool

Last night I was reading a post on the Blowout Cards forum about a collector being reunited with a graded 1989 Fleer Billy Ripken card that he sold a number of years ago. I took a quick look at eBay to see what kinds of variations there were for the card and I came across an auction of someone selling a copy of the card I created using the Billy Ripken card for one of my What If? posts back in 2014.

Here is the link to my post from 2014:

Here is the auction:

I sent him an email asking politely that he end the auction because I created the image for the blog and only for entertainment, not to be sold. He did eventually respond and did end the auction but he has been hounding me to allow him to sell the card saying that if I had no intent of selling it than he doesn't understand why I wont let him sell it. He has even gone on to claim that his friend owns the rights to the Billy Ripken card and I should allow his friend to sell copies of the card.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Blogging Community Loses One Of Our Own

Yesterday the hobby and blogsphere lost a major fixture of the modern collecting world with the passing of Bob Lemke, he was 65-years old. There has been no cause of death announced only that he was in the hospital near his home in Pennsylvania.
Bob worked at Krause Publications in the 1970s in the company’s coin collecting magazine when he talked the company owner, Chet Krause, in to get involved with creating a sports card pricing guide. In 1980, with Bob as the editor, Krause Publication began printing Baseball Cards Magazine. This was 4 years before Beckett Media was even formed. The following year Krause bought Sports Collectors Digest and essentially handed its daily workings over to Bob.

He always is the one who created the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards over 30 years ago as well as the Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards. After his retirement from Krause Publication he maintained his role with the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards plus began creating and selling custom “Cards that never were” as well as blogging. He has been part of the blogging community since 2009, which is around the time that I got involved in blogging and part of that was due to him.

I never spoke to him personally but it still hurts to lose one of our own. Rest in peace Bob.