Monday, September 1, 2014

Trade With Gavin

Shortly after I added my Wants list and Trade list I got a couple of emails. One was from Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown inquiring about a couple of baseball cards that I had listed and after a couple of emails we had a deal worked out. I have a big “Thanks” for Gavin, he gave up a beautiful 2014 Bowman Chrome Taijuan Walker Top 5 Prospects mini orange refractor. This card is amazing and I realize how hard it must have been for him to accept the offer.
Included in the deal coming from Portland were a handful of Mariners in Jim Presley, Russ Swan and Randy Johnson sitting shotgun to the Walker mini. I can assure you that Taijuan Walker has already settled in to his new home in my Mariners binder along with other greats like Jay Buhner and Edgar Martinez.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sometimes The Pain Stings For Years

While playing a rehab game with the Seattle Mariners Single A team (Everett Aquasox) in Boise the once highly regarded prospect Jesus Montero went in to the stands with a bat in hand to confront a heckler. He was eventually restrained by the pitching coach but the damage was already done.
Things have not been going well for Montero since his trade to the Mariners. In 2013 he was suspended for 50 games in connection to the Biogenesis probe and then he showed up to spring training in February 40 pounds overweight. The Mariners sent him down to minors in May after only 17 At-bats with the team. He was supposed to return to the Mariners this week but after his actions in Boise the team has suspended him for the remainder of the season. He will not be playing at any level.
What made this whole situation worse is that the heckler is a Mariners scout. It began with the scout, Butch Baccala, yelling for Montero to hustle off the field in between innings (which seems like a fair suggestion from a scout to a player hoping to make it back to the big leagues) but eventually digressed to Baccala having an ice cream sandwich sent to Montero in the dugout making fun of his weight. This was what set off Montero who then grabbed a bat and headed in to the stands where he began to scream at the scout and throw things at him. The team is going to use this time to “re-evaluate” Jesus Montero to see what they can do to address his issues on and off the field. Which probably should be read as “We are considering if it is better to keep him or dump him”.
By the time spring training rolls around in 2015 he will be 2 seasons removed from his amazing 2012 season. He has been replaced at catcher by an even better young prospect in Mike Zunino so he would most likely move to DH full time. It does not help that he also has the A-Rod/Biogenesis stigmata working against his image.
He is still young (only 24 years old) but is it time to move Jesus Montero cards? His autographs can be found for under $5 and his base rookies under $1, it may be too late for anyone who jumped on the Yankees Montero prospect bandwagon and paid big for his rookie cards only 6 years ago. I am guessing that the people that dropped hundreds of dollars for his 2008 Bowman Chrome autographs are feeling some pain right about now.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another Update

Yesterday’s surgery went well, hopefully this will be it and I can finally begin to heal properly. I am looking forward to getting back to the gym but I do have to allow time for healing before I hit the treadmill. Until then I have my cane to help me get about.

I had a stack of envelopes from the last few days, always fun to open, so I have some sorting to do and a stack of cards to organize and scan including cards from my second trade of the year with Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Encyclopedia Brown And The Case Of The Missing Signatures

If you are looking for a Kevin Durant autograph that isn’t an autograph as well as being an eBay 1/1 then I have found the auction for you. This 2007-08 Sweet Spot Signatures Durant autograph card, where the autograph has almost completely disappeared, can be had for only $3,535.35
If Kevin Durant isn’t your cup of tea than how about a 2007-08 Sweet Spot Signature Kobe Bryant autograph card where Kobe’s signature is also pulling a disappearing act? This eBay 1/1 can be yours for a discounted $2,424.24
The seller, from China, suggests that if you purchase these cards you should contact Upper Deck so you can request of an exchange for an equal value card. I am pretty sure Upper Deck would tell you to forget about it if you tried asking for a replacement of a 7 year old card.
Sadly the 2007-08 Sweet Spot Signature cards are notorious for disappearing ink. I couldn’t even imagine dropping hundreds, if not thousands, when these came out only have to a blank card within 5-7 years. It is odd too that the 2006-07 and the 2008-09 releases do not have the same problems, does anyone know what was different in the 2007-08 version?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Up Up And Away...


Yesterday the Action Comics #1 auction that I talked about last week ended at an unheard of $3,207,852 after 48 bids. This tops the previous high of $2.161 million for a slightly lower graded (CGC 9.0 but without white pages) Action Comics #1 that sold in 2011. This auction has brought about a number of sellers who are using the national attention to sell their copies of Action Comics #1, original and reprints, as well as a couple of unscrupulous people looking to profit on buyers caught up in the frenzy.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Congratulations Arizona Rattlers On Another ArenaBowl Championship

Tonight the Arizona Rattlers played the Cleveland Gladiators in ArenaBowl XXVII, Arizona’s fourth straight appearance in the title game.
The game was a complete dismantling of the Cleveland Gladiators by the Arizona Rattlers. Cleveland was the overall best team in the AFL this year with a 19-1 record heading in to tonight’s game, the Rattlers are 17-3. With Cleveland knocking on the door of the legendary 20th win (no Arena League team has ever won 20 games in a season) some analysts were picking the Gladiators to win, though apparently nobody told the Las Vegas bookies (who picked AZ by 5 ½ points) and more important, nobody told the Rattlers players.
With the 72-32 win the Arizona Rattlers have won the last three ArenaBowls, only the Detroit Drive (now defunct) were able to match three straight ArenaBowl wins in 1988 through 1990. This was the largest point differential in ArenaBowl history and an amazingly fun game to watch as a Rattlers fan.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The First Trade Of The Year

I set a goal in January to interact more with other bloggers and while I have posted more on other blogs and I have sent out a couple of cards I haven’t had a proper trade until this week (I made two trades this week). I was contacted by Brandon, a fellow Arizona collector, and after reading through my Trade Bait lists he offered up a nice collection of cards for some baseball and basketball cards I had listed.
There were a total of 7 cards going in each direction. First up from the collection the he sent to me is a trio of University of Arizona products. Steve Kerr is one of my player collections so I was happy to pick this 1991-92 Upper Deck International Steve Kerr #195. There are a couple of international sets, one has an Italian back and the other has a Spanish back, this is the Italian version.
There is the 1999-00 Collectors Edge Jason Terry Gameball #JT. Jason Terry was part of the 1997 University of Arizona National Championship team and was part of the 2011 Dallas Mavericks NBA Championship team. He was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in the First Round of the 1999 NBA Draft, he has had a decent career and was recently traded to the Sacramento Kings.
The final Wildcat is Jerryd Bayless 2008-09 Press Pass Class of 2008 #CL-8. Bayless was drafted in 2008 in the First Round by the Pacers and traded to the Blazers on Draft night. He has bounced around the league, playing with 6 teams (not counting the Pacers). He recently signed with the Bucks heading in to the 2014 NBA season.
The other 4 cards are from the 2014 Topps UFC Knockout release. Three base cards: Mendes, Tate and Benavidez and a Cat Zingano relic #/188.

Zingano is the #1 ranked opponent in the Women’s division, she is on a 8-Win streak and is 11-1 counting her amateur record, her only loss was in 2007. Cat is scheduled to fight Amanda Nunes at UFC 178 next month.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Collection In An Instant

I came across this really interesting story the other day about a sports memorabilia collection that had been appraised on the television show Antique Roadshow while they were filming in New York on August 9th.
The collection had been passed down through 5 generations to the current owner. Her great-great-grandmother had run a boarding home in Boston, the same boarding house where the newly formed Boston Red Stockings were living in 1871 and 1872. Included were early baseball postcards, autographs, photographs and letters.
According the Leila Dunbar, the Antique Roadshow appraiser, the “Crown Jewel” of the collection was a letter sent to the boarding house owner (the great-great-grandmother) saying that the players were missing her cooking. The letter was signed by Hall of Famers Albert Spalding, Harry Wright and George Wright. In all it is estimated that the entire collection could be worth as much as $1 million if sold as a complete set.
The episode will not be shown until next Spring but I was able to find an image showing the collection from the show.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Art Gallery: 2009 Breygent Dexter Angle Batista

One of my favorite shows of the last decade was Dexter, I think the actors had such a wonderful connection and the story lines were so absorbing. I would actually record the entire season before watching it because I found myself getting anxious waiting for the next episode so I figured if I recorded it I could watch the entire season in a weekend at my leisure so I didn’t have to wait another week to find out what happens. Needless to say I am quite disappointed with how the series ended, well the last 10 minutes of the final episode.
When it comes to characters, David Zayas’ character Angel Batista is among my favorites. He was the stable character to the madness that was the Miami Metro Police Department. So when I saw this card show up I wanted it.
Dexter sketch cards rarely sell for less than $20 and when it is a main character, like Batista, you can expect to pay closer to $40-50 range. This card showed up with a BIN of $10 plus $2.32 shipping I didn’t even think twice and hit the BIN button. This was an insanely low price but the seller had a 100% feedback and I know sales like this do not show up often. This is the most I have ever spent on a sketch card but I am very happy and this is easily one of my favorite sketch cards.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wants And Trade Bait Updated 8/19

It has only been 8 months since I set my blog goals but I finally got around to adding links for my Wants and Trade Bait. The tabs are located above, just below my banner. If you find anything of interest send me an email and let me know. You can also find my trade list on Zistle.