Friday, June 11, 2010

Occasionally Clearance Pays Off

I grabbed a blaster box of 2009-10 Upper Deck Basketball the other night, mainly because it was on clearance and it included one jersey card. I figured it would give me some packs to rip and there is always a chance of pulling something decent.

I opened the box and noticed one of the packs was obviously much thicker then the other 9 packs so I tossed it aside planning on opening it up last. I began ripping packs and while I would not say that the box was anything special I was satisfied with what I pulled. In all there was a nice selection of base cards and no duplicates, 12 Rookie Cards (including Blake Griffin and Chase Budinger), 2 Immortals, 2 Masterpieces (Courtney Lee & J.J. Hickson) and a handful of other inserts. When I hit pack #8 I pulled a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar/Jerry West Dual Game Materials jersey card. I was surprised because the super thick pack was still sitting to the side and my hopes went up at that point. I am not a Lakers fan, but I will never complain pulling relics of these two guys.

When I opened final thick pack there were 9 cards instead of the usual 8. There were 4 cards on each side and a super thick card between them. I ended up pulling a 2007-08 UD Chronology “The LeBrons” Blue Border card. The card is pretty thick too, roughly the thickness of 2 jersey cards together.

I have only been able to find a couple of these cards on eBay, one sold for $31 the other day and one is at $5 with a little over a day left, but the most humorous auction I came across was the guy claiming that the card is so rare and is selling it for a $800 BIN price. I think he should stick to selling electronics and not cards.

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  1. Nice box... the Abdul-Jabbar/West dual game materials card is sweet! Congratulations on the pull.