Saturday, June 11, 2011

Random Question

Personal collections are as diverse as collectors, what one person may want for their collection another collector may see as frivolous or something of no value or interest. For example, in my Griffey collection I have a baseball that was given away in Seattle area BP stations, a mini-bobble head that were included in a cereal box, cards from the Griffey SNES games and even a couple of custom cards.

 My question today is

Do you include everything that represents your personal collection or do you stick only with authorized/licensed products?


  1. I think nearly everything you mentioned is authorized/licensed. It may not have been a major release like a Topps card or Starting Lineup figure, but they had to have a license. Now, the custom cards I tend to ignore unless they're enticing enough to own. There are some nice unlicensed cards from the 1991-1995 era, and some of them have made their way into my collection. I have a few other unlicensed non-card products in my collections (mainly souvenirs and a few art prints). There's too many licensed cards to hunt for unlicensed cards, but if I come across oddball souvenirs I tend to pick them up.

  2. I stick with only licensed stuff when tracking how much I have and what I need (ie. how complete my collection is), but I will add just about anything that I think is cool.

  3. Anything that I run across that fits into my collection is fair game. It could be a Will Clark oddball item or pretty much anything Ranger related.