Friday, March 15, 2013

Sneak Peek: 2013 Topps Football

Yesterday Topps released three preview images from the upcoming 2013 Topps Football on Twitter, if it is on the same release schedule as the 2012 Topps Football set look for an August 2013 release date. But there was another, unexpected and surprising, announcement that will be grabbing people’s attention. Susan Lulgjuraj, the most awesome Beckett editor (sorry Chris), posted up some information she came across on Topps’ website and on their Facebook page, information that has since been removed by Topps.
It appears that Turkey Red will be returning to football, and like the recent baseball release it will be available only online through the Topps Online Store. On their Facebook page there was a picture of an uncut sheet of the Turkey Red Football cards along with a message saying that they will be available online this month. Until more information is finally announced it is to early to determine what to expect.
Here is the link to Susan’s Turkey Red Football post: LINK


Until then… Here are some previews of the 2013 Topps Football release.

This is an interesting design, when you look at the team logo it is floating on a white mist that resembles a football, something that was also done with the 2012 Football design, but it took me a second to catch that beneath the logo is a face mask and then you realize that the logo is centered over what may actually be a mouth guard. I like it, the design is pretty slick but unfortunately it does not work as well on the horizontal cards.

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