Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Beauty Of A Good Beard

The Red Sox are bringing the “Playoff Beard” to new levels, some are even reaching epic proportions.  You know who else had a beard?

Grizzly Adams
So… back to beards…

Here is my list of the Top 10 beards in sports (past and present), some are playoff beards while others are every day chin whiskers that are worthy of their own zip code. I am not listing any Red Sox players because they may not be done growing, who knows how monstrous those beards will become if the team makes it to the World Series.
10. Alexi Lalas- Retired (US Soccer/MLS)
9. Mike Hartnell- Philadelphia Flyers (NHL)
8. Kimbo Slice- MMA
7. Nick Mangold- NY Jets (NFL)
6. Logan Mankins- New England Patriots (NFL)
5. James Harden- Houston Rockets (NBA)

4. Bill Flett- Retired (NHL): Flett looks like he came straight out of an Old Spice advertisement
3. Brett Keisel- Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)
2. Brian Wilson- LA Dodgers (MLB)
1. Ken Morrow- Islanders: Not the bushiest monster of a beard but Morrow (and the Islanders) is considered the guy who started the Playoff Beard so he rightfully earns the #1 position
Honorable Mention
Any beard from the 1970s

Rollie Fingers- Retired (MLB): He never had a beard but his handlebar mustache is iconic

Mike Beltran- UFC Referee (MMA): His mustache puts some of the beards on this list to shame

This guy- Retired (Blogger)


So what do you think? Did I miss anyone?

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  1. Josh Reddick had a nice beard earlier in the season.