Saturday, August 29, 2015

Life Imitating Art Griffey-Style

In Macklemore’s new video “Downtown” we see Ken Griffey Jr. catching a fish in front of Pike Place Fish Company as easily as he used to catch fly balls at the Kingdome in his heyday. The scene is at 1:44 and then Griffey is seen again riding a moped (yes the song is about mopeds) at the 4:02 mark.

 When I saw the bloated Ken Griffey Jr it reminded me of

Once again we can say the Simpsons did it first. I would also like to point out that the video was filmed in Spokane which is roughly 300 miles East of Seattle so that was one heck of a fish throw.


  1. I've been seeing this everywhere! Love it...

  2. Wait. Seriously... that's The Kid? Wow. In the worst way possible. Wow.