Monday, November 2, 2015

Upper Deck's Dinosaurs Finally Arrive

Every little boy’s dream has come to life with Upper Deck’s 2015 Dinosaurs which finally after multiple delays finally hit shelves this week. Originally set to release in May each delay led me to wonder if the set would ever get released but Upper Deck finally settled on October 28th and actually hit that date. I do not own of these cards yet but I plan on hunting down some before long.

This year Jurassic World’s success put card companies on notice, which Upper Deck, Breygent, Monsterwax and even Topps jump on the opportunity. Sadly, each release has been delayed for various reasons and Upper Deck’s Dinosaurs is first on the block and while dinosaur cards are a niche collectible the set is doing well, specifically the inserts and hits.

Here are a couple of examples of what is available on eBay now:

Sketch cards are always a big draw no matter what company or subject and UD’s Dinosaur sketch cards are up to task. There are some beautiful sketch cards but I love the cartoonish approach artist Denver Brubaker took with his work (The first two sketch cards).

Normally I am not a fan of manufactured patches, especially in the case of a sport card release, but in relation to dinosaurs I am fine with them.

Now the Predators Of The Sea shadowbox cards are right up my alley. I will pick up any and all that fall within my price range. I just really like these cards and shadowbox cards are cool to start with.


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  1. I didn't think this set was going to get made either. After about the 4th delay I was really worried. I ended up grabbing a couple packs from my LCS this weekend. It's a great set even if you only get 5 cards per pack and there are plenty of non-dinosaurs in the set. I'm hoping I can find this a lot cheaper down the line than it's going for right now.