Monday, November 14, 2016

A Bad Day For One Collector

Last week Seattle Seahawks defensive end Cassius Marsh lost something that most collectors can relate too, either through having a similar situation or knowing someone that has gone through it.
Marsh’s girlfriend used his SUV to go out with friends to a nightclub in Seattle and someone broke in to the car and stole two backpacks he had in the back seat. One backpack contained his team issued iPad and the other contained a number of his Magic: The Gathering collection. You wouldn’t think that a pro football player would be such a serious collector and gamer but he estimated that the cards stolen are valued around $20,000-25,000. I know nothing about MTG but he must have some seriously rare cards in his collection.
He has made a number of tweets asking for help, he even offered that if the person who stole the cards would return them he would give them tickets to a home game, no questions asked.
I have never had cards stolen but I did have a large portion of my collection tossed in the trash by a vindictive ex, I call this loss “The purge”. It broke my heart and I lost about 75% of my collection but in comparison to what Marsh lost, mine was minimal in value.

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  1. Oh man... both of these stories are heartbreaking. I had my collection stolen in high school by so called "friends", but was fortunate to eventually get it back. Hopefully that huge win over the Patriots helped Marsh feel a little better.