Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Not Monday, But A Question Anyway

In 2019 Topps released both Topps Now and a complete set for the Alliance of American Football (AAF) before the league folded in April of 2019 and later filed for bankruptcy. This year Topps released both Topps Now and a complete set for the XFL, which also folded and filed bankruptcy. Now the XFL folding was not the league’s fault but no matter what it will end up costing Topps money, LCS and distributers too. 

Is anyone else wondering if Topps will jump on board with a startup league, no matter what the sport, if the opportunity arises?


  1. No experience here... but maybe they'll stick to doing strickly on-line Topps Now kind of sets for start ups.

  2. Was kinda looking forward to the XFL cards, but I'm surprised they will even put them out at this point. I loved the AAF and enjoy defunct football leagues, but at $60+ for a box, I'm not so inclined to jump in. If they go on deep discount, I'm up for a case.

    1. ...and I ingnore 95% of any of the online only stuff.

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