Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 Topps Football

Now that the first game is in the books, it is official, the NFL season is here and ready to entertain. I am a huge fan of football and collecting football cards is a passion for me, so once the sets start showing up on the shelf I start grabbing up packs.

A few weeks back I started with grabbing up some packs of 2009 Topps Football. A basic set with some potential to it mainly because of the photography. I have to say that the photography for this set is quite good, the action shots are amazing and from what I have seen there are not many poor selections used for the cards.

Some of the images actually amaze me at the detail that the photographer was able to catch. Take a look at Santonio Holmes tiptoeing down the line from the Super Bowl.

Topps even got players in their new uniforms like TO in Buffalo and Kyle Orton in Denver. This is pretty impressive considering the early release of the set. Outside of the occasional poor photo selection like this Santonio Moss card I am very happy with this Topps release.

There are very few problems with the set; good checklist, most of the shots are great action shots and 1 hit per box (3 hits per Jumbo box). Not bad for a relatively inexpensive purchase. Some of the hits include Letter Patches, autographed Letter Patches, Dual auto cards and Jumbo Relic cards.

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