Wednesday, September 9, 2009


As 9/9/09 comes to a close in the next couple of hours I decided to gather together a list of prominent and notable athletes who have worn the #9 throughout the history of sports. I am slotting the players randomly and in no way rank them in any order other then to present them.

In no particular order I present my top 9 who wore #9:

#1 The Splendid Splinter himself, Ted Williams

#2 The man known as Mr. October, only one name needed here… Reeeeeggggggiiiieeee
He wore #9 while playing 9 years for the Oakland A's.

#3 He is still under 30 but has already won the NBA Championship 3 times. He is a definite Hall Of Famer, Tony Parker.

#4 He defined the Power Forward position, players like Charles Barkley, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett owe their ass-kicking talent to the man. I present to you Bob Pettit

#5 With a name like Sonny you need no further introduction, Sonny Jurgensen.

#6 He may be young but he has overcome being tossed on the junk heap by the Chargers, came back from injury and still has made the Saints a respectable team. Drew Brees.

#7 Mr. Hockey himself, his career spanned over 50 years total, Gordie Howe.

#8 Not much can be said negatively about the Rocket. He was a goal scoring machine, Maurice Richard.

#9 Nomar’s better half and an all around soccer guru, Mia Hamm

I have a few players that deserve recognition for one reason or another:

While he wore #23 for most of his career, he wore #9 for his country when it needed redemption on the basketball court. I give recognition to the Dream Teamer Michael Jordan.

Gretzky wore the Double 9s for so many years. He has won the Stanley Cup, he has won the MVP and today he receives recognition.

The final player to receive recognition was a hard-nose football player who gave it his all every time he stepped on the field and sadly lost his life at a young age, I give a special recognition to Steve McNair.

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