Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kevin Durant... MVP?

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Kevin Durant, one of my favorite players, is tearing it up this year. He has increased his numbers across the board and dragged the “nameless” team up from the cellar of the Western Conference cellar and is sitting on the precipice of actually making the Playoffs for first time since the lying thief Clay Bennett stole the team from Seattle.

At 28.9 PPG he has the third best scoring average and is sitting among some of the “best” players in the NBA. He ranks up there with Carmelo, LeBron, Kobe and Dwyane Wade, not bad company to keep. His name has even been brought up in MVP rumors. The most important stat for me though is 452 days. This is the amount of time until Durant becomes a Free Agent following the 2011 NBA Season.

Could you imagine Durant signing on with Cleveland? That would put the Cavs in a position to win it all again and again… as long as LeBron remains in town. What about going to Miami, the Lakers or Denver or maybe if the stars align just right… signing with my Phoenix Suns?

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