Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mail Day Trades

On December 26th, Boxing Day, while reading through Dinged Corners I happened upon a post from the Thoughts & Sox blog about boxing cards. What caught my eye was the 1938 Churchman Jack Dempsey card that Adam was writing about. As a vintage collector I know the cards pretty well, I actually have a number of Churchman’s along with a handful of other vintage British boxing cards and I have to say that these cards do not show up to often on the blogs so of course this drew my interest.

I contacted Adam and over the next few days we worked out a trade. I sent Adam 2 of the 1938 Churchman’s that he needed, Jack Johnson & Max Schmeling, a 1954 A & B.C. Chewing Gum Jack Dempsey and a couple of cards from the 1928 Ogden’s Pugilists in Action set, in return he sent a 1969 Butkus, a 1970 Reggie Jackson and a 1972 Gale Sayers.

I received the cards today and they are better then I expected, the scans do not do them any justice. The Jackson is in beautiful condition (the cross-hatching is from my scanner) and I have been meaning to work on building a 1972 football set so the Sayers gets me going on that.

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