Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Death Of A Yankee

You may not have liked the Yankees, Hell… most people hate the Yankees but you do have to admit that George Steinbrenner knew how to win. He opened his wallet so often that every time a big name player became available the Yankees were automatically tossed in to the rumor mill as the new destination.

In 37 years as the teams owner the Yankees made it to the World Series 11times, winning 7 World Series Championships. He changed the way that teams functioned and while managers never lasted to long, his players were happy. Of course he had his faults, he was always one to get involved with all aspects of the team, often making the final decisions on which players came to town to wear the pinstripes. He controlled his players on and off the field, perhaps a little to sever but if you played for the Yankees you expected it.

Unfortunately this is the second loss that the Yankees have taken in the last three days having lost the “Voice of the Yankees”, Bob Sheppard on Sunday. I think many of us will think of Larry David's portrayal of "The Boss" on Seinfeld when we hear the name George Steibrenner.

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