Friday, December 24, 2010

Bowman Platinum Value Pack

While out doing some last minute shopping last night I decided to pick up a Bowman Platinum value pack after seeing The Mojo Hand’s review a couple of days ago. The value pack gives you 3 packs, 4 cards each pack, plus an additional 3 Purple Refractors exclusive to the value packs and they cost $9 each.

The set is rather small, 100 cards made up of stars, prospects and rookies plus an additional 50 card Platinum Prospects checklist containing prospects so the entire set is only 150 total cards not counting parallels/refractors. Like the typical Bowman release this is a product for the prospectors out there hoping to find the next young star.

I pulled a decent selection of stars from the base set; Vladimir Guerrero, Jared Weaver, Carl Crawford and A-Rod plus a Mike Stanton rookie card. From the Platinum Prospects I pulled Desmond Jennings plus a trio from the National team; Sonny Gray, George Springer and a Platinum Parallel Sean Gilmartin #/999.

The exclusive Purple Refractors I pulled are Mike Trout, Chris Withrow and Nick Ramirez from the National team. These refractors are purple and have the nice refractor shine to them but they are not numbered.

In typical Topps style a number of the cards include smudging, scratches and the Gilmartin parallel has 3 problems, one pin prick by his right ear another above the “M” below the BP logo and a deep scratch across the “G” in his name. Sadly I expected as much as far as the damage. If I was building a set I would be much more selective about the damage and would probably consider sending some back to Topps but seeing that these will just go in to a storage box I am not upset about the imperfections, but quality control seriously needs to be addressed by Topps.

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