Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Green Hornet

I decided to go in a different direction tonight and talk about cards based on an upcoming movie, The Green Hornet. About 15-20 years ago comic books were big time business. There were two definites at that time when it came to graphic novels, first the comic books were awesome and second the movies tied to the comic book were crap. Need reminding, take a look at the original Fantastic Four (1994) movie, it was so bad that it was killed before being released. It was not until X-Men came out in 2000 when people finally gave super hero movies another look. At the time Marvel and Fleer hooked up to release some of the more memorable comic sets in the 1990s. Rittenhouse has taken the reigns and is now the leader with both comic and live action movie super hero cards.

The Green Hornet is being released to theaters on January 14, 2011 with Seth Rogen taking on the lead role of Britt Reid/Green Hornet and Jay Chou as Kato. Rittenhouse has created a 17 card Green Hornet set that will be released a few days before the movie, each set will sell directly through Rittenhouse for $50 each. The set contains 14 base cards: 7 Green Hornet action cards and 7 Kato action cards. There are 3 “hits” per set; 1 Kato relic card, 1 Green Hornet relic card and an autographed Jay Chou card.

I would like to have seen a Seth Rogen autograph card; his autographs are pretty difficult to come across and can run over $50 or more for an autographed 8x10 picture so an auto card would have been a big hit for collectors. The hits are nice but I am not sure if this set is really worth $50 each. If there are some comic book/sports card collectors out there I would like to hear your input on the subject.

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