Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Final Preview Images of 2010 Gold Standard Basketball

Panini posted up some final preview images of the 2010-11 Gold Standard Basketball release, which is scheduled to hit within the next 10 days and expect to pay $175-200/pack.

Each pack contains 12 cards and breaks down:

3 Autograph cards
2 Memorabilia cards
3 Base cards
3 Inserts

I may be taking a leap here but I see this as a product that sells to a specific type of collector. With packs running $200 and the obvious use of gold foil board will turn many people away. Yes there is a chance of pulling a card that contains actual gold (Gold Medalists relics) and who can complain about a solid checklist but there is just too much gold coloring for my eyes. 

 For more preview images, 48 to be exact, head on over to Panini’s blog The Knight’s Lance and take a look at Tracy Hackler’s post.

Wade Gold Medaists Gold Relic
KJ USA Relic

Nash Gold Records Relic
Brooks Autograph

Gilmore Base Card
Mavericks Dual Auto
Gold Threads Insert
Gold Nuggets Insert
Kobe USA Autograph Relic
Durant Relic

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