Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chance At A Sweet Pull From Dominion Hockey

Following the a Stanly Cup Finals, players from the winning team are each issued an authentic miniature replica Lord Stanley Cup for their own personal collection. These trophies are an exact duplicate of the official Cup but are only 13” tall and are inscribed with the team name, year and each player’s name.

Over the years a handful of the official miniature cups have shown up for sale, though it is more common to find replicas which normally run $15-50 depending on the team and year. I have seen a couple of the replicas that were autographed running around $250 each. But the official player’s trophy cups, when they show up for sale, can run in to the thousands. Doing a quick search I found a 78-79 Montreal Canadiens Cup, which sold in 2003, for $2,700 and a 74-75 Philadelphia Flyers Cup currently selling for $12,000.

Panini has added a sweet redemption to their 2010-11 Dominion Hockey set, which sells for $350/8-card pack. They have added redemption for an authentic 78-79 Montreal Canadiens’ Cup from an unnamed player. On the Knights Lance blog Tracy says that the trophy cup was picked up at auction earlier this year for $4,000 and their will only be a single redemption card available. This would definitely make any collector’s dream pull.

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