Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Additional Preview Images Of Triple Play Baseball

Panini released another 40+ images of the upcoming Triple Play baseball set that will be released in July. The packs run 99 cents with 24 packs to a box. With the new images you get to see more of how the card’s illustrations will vary greatly. We also got some shots of the Hall of Fame and When I Was a Kid subsets plus a first look at the back of the cards.

The Stanton card just got me laughing; the illustration makes him look like the bad guy from a comic book. On the other side the Mauer card makes him look like a super hero with the background reminding me of the old Super Friends cartoon…Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice…


  1. The Hall of Fame cards look the nice...the others not so much.

  2. Panini just needs to stop until they get a full license. The set is ridiculous. I collect George Brett but I need a Royals logo on that hat before I'd want this card.

  3. Is this a late April Fool's Day joke?