Thursday, September 27, 2012

Upper Deck Expands The Golf World Boundries

Upper Deck released 2012 SP Authentic Golf earlier this week, their first PGA release since 2005, and one subset that is catching collector’s eyes is the Parade of Stars. This is a 30-card subset showing professional athletes playing golf. The checklist includes top athletes (Current and retired) from the major sports leagues: MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS and UFC. There is also a 14-card autograph subset which is based on the same checklist but uses a different layout, design and athlete picture. There are Red parallels (#/10) for each base card and the autographs are all on-card. From the auctions that I have seen it looks like only Mike Schmidt autographs are redemption with all others autos being packed out.
Most of the Parade of Stars base cards can be found in the $1-5 range with many of the autographs under $50 with the exception of Jordan, who has a couple of autos sitting in the $3,000 range.
A couple of cards use old photos, David Robinson and Larry Bird, while others appear to be set studio shots, Couture and Dr. J are wearing the same exact shirt (The color defect under the arm is pretty obvious) but these things do not detract from the set, you may actually get a nice chuckle out of the Admiral’s old-school clothing selection.
I have played golf a handful of times so golf sets do not appeal to me but when you begin to introduce outside athletes in to a product this is a good way to get the hobby talking about it. There are a couple of cards I would consider adding to my collection, like the Couture and Donovan cards.


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