Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vintage Card Of The Month: Lou Gehrig

The other day Derek Jeter reached another milestone in his storied Yankee career; with his leadoff single in the first inning of Wednesday’s game against the Blue Jays he reached 200 hits for the season. This makes Jeter’s 8th career 200-hit season which ties him with Lou Gehrig for the most 200-hit seasons by a Yankee. I felt that this feat was deserving of a Gehrig Vintage Card of the Month. The card, while not vintage, does include a sweet Gehrig jersey relic so I am giving it a free pass to be inlcuded.
This month’s card comes from the non-vintage 2001 Donruss Elite release, specifically from the Throwback Threads relic inserts. As a Gehrig fan I am always on the lookout for a well-designed Gehrig card, anything to add to my personal collection. I love the early 2000s Donruss Elite releases, I think they were some of Donruss’ best designs and the Throwback Threads relics are one of my favorite memorabilia inserts.
This card was one that I have had on my want list since it was released in 2001 and a couple of years ago I finally was able to pick this one up in the $150 range. I don’t think I could have found a better specimen. The pinstripe along the left side of the “T” makes this card a beauty in my eyes. I like that Donruss included pictures of the specific item that the relic was cut from, in this case his jersey. This was my first, and currently only, Gehrig relic card.


  1. Excellent! When you look at the big picture of accomplishments and intangibles is there anyone better?