Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Limited Edition Topps Star Wars Illustrated Card

Last week I posted a preview of the upcoming Topps Star Wars: Illustrated set that is scheduled to be released in November. The other day I received an email from Josh Brown, who works for the HighBridge Company, the official publishers of the Star Wars radio drama trilogy. He let me know that HighBridge is working in conjunction with Topps to re-release the original Star Wars: A New Hope radio drama to coincide with Topps’ release.
There will actually be two broadcast releases, “Light Side” and “Dark Side”, each with the original 13-episode radio broadcast plus additional bonus audio including interviews, music, promos, etc. Additionally each side will include a limited edition Light Side or Dark Side Topps card created specifically for the broadcast release. The cards are limited to 7,500 for each side.
The Light Side card uses a design created by the artist Matt Busch and the Dark Side card uses a design created by the artist Randy Martinez. Josh was able to send me images of the limited edition cards that will be included with the broadcast re-release. I have to admit, I am drawn to the Dark Side card.

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