Thursday, September 12, 2013

Manufactured Patches Taking Over...

Now that 2013 Panini Prominence Football is live we are getting a closer look at what appears to be a miss-mash of old dead Panini products like Threads, Prestige, Epix and Gridiron Gear thrust together in to one release. Which in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you take the best of these products and make an all-encompassing “Best of” type release but in this case what was taken from the old releases were all the manufactured relics. The set may as well be called Panini Prominence Manufactured Football.
There are no game-worn relics in this set, heck… there are not even “event-worn” relics in this set. I guess I am just at a loss over the decision to manufacture patches and relics when they should have just used that time to create one or two solid autograph (non-manufactured relics) designs to build the set on.
I have a couple of manufactured patches pulled from blaster boxes and even a couple of the autographed Team Patches that I pulled from Panini’s Rookie & Stars but as many people have pointed out, some of the autographs on the manufactured patches (or any fabric really) tend to run or dissolve over time. How bad would it suck to drop some cash on one of these autographed patches only to have the ink run or bleed in a couple of years?
On the flip side, I do Rookie Field Plates. I know that I am probably in a minority here but there is something appealing about these cards. I have a Golden Tate autograph from the 2010 Epix release and a couple of hockey autographs from the 2010 Crown Royale release. I just love them.

What is your take on the autographed manufactured patches?

Would you feel differently if you pulled an autographed manufactured patch versus purchasing one?

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