Monday, January 12, 2015

Exercising Some Seattle Ghost Cards

I had a wonderful mail day today and what makes it better is that I was able to take care of four ghost cards, actually more than that but the rest are Griffey cards that I will cover later.
First up are a couple of Jay Buhner rookie cards. Bone spent 14 glorious years in Seattle, we (the fans) were spoiled through the 1990s with Griffey and Buhner in the lineup. He was a fan favorite in Seattle, just ask any fan how popular Buhner Buzz Night was every summer when fans would line up to have their heads shaved to earn free admission in to the games.
As my second favorite Mariner I have a nice selection of Buhner cards but unfortunately I recently realized that a couple of key Buhner rookie cards were no longer in my collection, thanks to my vindictive ex-wife. I came across a seller who had two of the cards I need for $2.50 shipped so I jumped on it.

Even Seinfeld had to add their ¢2 cents on the trade that sent Buhner to Seattle for Ken Phelps to the Yankees.
1988 Donruss The Rookies #11
1988 Score Rookie/Traded #95T
The next two cards are Steve Largent cards, again they were ghost cards that I needed for my collection. These two cards cost $2.49 shipped together so a decent deal to add some missing cards.
1989 Score #225
1989 Pro Set #396

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