Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Trade Completed

First I would like to thank CC, he was extremely generous with his offer and there are some amazing cards that he included.

Here is the follow up to yesterday’s post about the trade with Lonestarr.
The cards range from 1970 through 2014 and is made up of baseball, football, basketball and a couple of comic cards. Talk about variety and to top it all CC included a 2014 Elite Larry Fitzgerald Clarity card, which was on my eBay searches list as one of the next cards I planned on adding to my collection so that alone made the trade a big win-win already before even opening up the bundles.
Here are some of the highlights that will make excellent additions to my collection

2009 Signature Stars Ken Griffey Jr.
A new addition to my Griffey collection

1998 Metal Universe Jay Buhner & 2013 Triple Play Dustin Ackley
Two great cards for my Mariners collection including my #2 all-time favorite Mariner (Buhner) and my favorite current Mariner (Ackley)
A 2008 SPx autograph of Bronson Sardinha
Interesting fact about Sardinha, he was only with the Mariners organization for 12 days in April 2008, by the time Upper Deck inserted these cards in to packs he had already moved on to the Indians organization.
1992-93 Hoops Paul Westphal
I personally consider Westphal the second greatest coach in the Suns history after the legendary Cotton Fitzsimmons

1996-97 Collector’s Choice Charles Barkley Stick Ums
When talking about the best in Suns history, we can not forget the Round Mound of Rebound
2010-11 Donruss Steve Nash Cracked Ice
Another that belongs on the “Greats” list of Suns
1970 Topps Chuck Walker
The oldest card in the bundle is Walker from the St. Louis Cardinals days
1985 Topps Steve Largent
A wonderful addition to my Largent collection, this was the next card on my Largent target so this one is much appreciated
Panini Mini Sticker Russell Wilson
This sticker is very cool, I am not really a mini collector but this one is going in to the Seahawks binder no matter what
2001 Titanium Koren Robinson- Alex Bannister dual jersey relic
Robinson was one of those players who had the talent but had limited commitment and he had his demons (alcohol) and it ruined his career. Bannister was the opposite, he had the commitment but was limited on the talent. Kind of ironic how these two ended up on the same card together.
Close out with a couple of comic cards;
1993 Wizard Spawn (I love the Wizard cards and have a number of them in my collection)
1991 DC Comics Hologram Superman

In the end there were nearly 200 cards in all, mostly football and baseball, and included Mariners, Seahawks, Cardinals, Suns, Sonics and comic cards. I was surprised at how many cards are new to my collection and I am now able to exercise a number of "ghost cards" from my collection. Again, thank you CC very much.


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