Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How To Ship The Hope Diamond

Recently there have been a handful of posts by bloggers showing card packages they received that were beyond what most people would consider secure when shipping a card. I have received a couple of packages that were pretty well packed but this one takes the cake.

I picked up this Tom Kane autograph card, he is the voice for Yoda (among others) in all of the Star Wars animated shows, movies and games, for just under $10 plus free shipping. I got the card today and it was definitely secure, 8 levels of packaging.

 Priority Mail small flat rate box, white 8x10 packaging envelope, bubble wrap (2 layers), heavy cardboard wrap, packaging invoice (wrapped around cards), one-touch magnetic holder as support inside team bag, team bag with card inside a rigid top loader. And this was all with free shipping.



  1. Free shipping for eight layers of protection? That puts those guys who ship in PWEs for $3 to shame!

  2. Somebody hoards Priority Mail boxes - that bad boy is from late December.