Monday, May 2, 2016

A Final Unpolitical Political Discussion With Box Break

The set was created and designed by Brian Wallos, who is probably better known as the man who created the Bench Warmers sets. Leaf is assisting with distributing the product but they have no other connection to the set.

The checklist is 110-card checklist plus an additional 24 High Number short prints. I was able to nearly complete the set with 105 cards plus one High Number card. I was disappointed considering that I pulled 25 duplicates, not very good collation.  The checklist is broken down in to subsets made up of Base cards, Influencers, Spouses, The Debates, Finalists, Campaign Moments and Future Stars 2020. The High Number short prints are actually considered inserts, not a subset. There is one parallel the “All American” foil cards, which are also different colors so there are parallels of parallels.

There are quite a few inserts and the more commons ones are Candidate Portraits, First Ladies Portraits (Retail only), Trump Under Fire, Road To The White House Letters (Hobby only) as well as a number of relic cards.

One thing that you will notice when you grab a box or pack is that there are no guarantee hits or even insert promises. On top of that there are no insert rates for anything and from what I have heard neither Leaf or Decision 2016 are releasing any info.

On the plus side I have watched a couple of case breaks, as well as my own box break, and it appears that you will pull one hit, 4 Trump Under Fire cards, 4 Candidate Portraits and 2 parallels. It should be noted that there are various parallels and since none are numbered it is difficult to figure out which are rare.

Here are the base cards, including all subsets.

High number short print:

The Candidate Portraits. I like these inserts, there is a First Ladies Portraits insert too but is a retail only insert.

What would the political world be without a daily Trumpism? Why not make an insert based on that? I got a couple of silver, a blue and a gold.

My hit wasn't too bad, a Ted Cruz God Bless America flag patch. It is one of the better ones to pull so I wasn't disappointed. Early versions sold for a pretty good price but I was away on vacation so I didn't get a chance to put mine up on eBay. I still plan to sell it but don't expect as mush as I could have gotten two weeks ago.

Box Topper with checklist


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