Monday, October 10, 2016

Sometimes Yes And Sometimes No

Have you ever skipped picking up a card of a favorite player because there is something or someone else you don’t like also on the card?
I have had a couple of players I would prefer to not have in my collection for various reasons; like I dislike the team for whatever reason. You will not find an Oklahoma City Thunder card in my collection because they were the stolen Sonics, I also will not have any Pittsburgh Steelers because I am still sore about Super Bowl XL (I still think the refs stole the game from the Seahawks).
Specific athletes will also not be included in my personal collection. Mike Vick and Barry Bonds are two guys I just cannot get behind but the biggest villain of all is Alex Rodriguez. He has so many strikes against him I view him as the human version of the number 13, a number I dislike with a passion. That he wears the #13 is just a coincidence.
There are only a few cases that I will include a team or player in my collection and that is a direct cause from my OCD and completest issues. I broke from the norm recently when I ordered the Topps Now #474 card, a card that includes both Alex Rodriguez and Carlos Correa. The reason I ordered the card is because of my need to own every 2016 Topps Now card depicting the Mariners and there he is… A-Rod in a Mariners uniform of course this was before Topps issued an error card and Rodriguez isn’t even on the card front.

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  1. Oh man... thanks for bringing up sore memories. Super Bowl XL was awful for us (Hawks fans). Never really blamed the Steelers though. Just the refs. Although I thought it was cool that one of the refs admitted they screwed up a few years ago.