Thursday, October 6, 2016

Why Yes Topps, It Is Your Bad

When Topps offered Topps Now on-demand printing it seemed like there was a universal understanding that the card would only be offered for 24 hours and would be printed and delivered within a timely manner, apparently “without error” was not included in the unspoken agreement.
I just received my Carlos Correa/Alex Rodriguez card and whoops the wrong picture was used. Instead card #474 was printed with the images of card #483 which is Mookie Betts and Nomar Garciaparra. The text and date are correct on the front of card #474 as well as the correct back but the wrong image and team logos were used. Card #483, which is supposed to have Betts and Nomar is correct without error.
I was torn on ordering this card but in my need to be a completest I bought it so I would have the complete Mariners set for the 2016 Topps Now set not to mention I only paid $6.99 on a pre-sale through an eBay seller so it isn’t as bad as paying the $10 cost through Topps’ site. So far Topps has not made an announcement on what they plan to do with a correction, or even if they will do a correction.
And for those in Florida, hunker down and stay safe.


  1. I wonder if they're hesitant to correct the error since someone brought a lawsuit against them for correcting an error earlier in the set. They were upset because they wanted the error and were instead shipped a correction and they sued for false advertisement.

    1. Wow. The "sue happy" world has officially infiltrated our beloved hobby. ;)

      P.S. Cool card Corky! I'd pick up a copy for $7. At the very least it's a conversation piece and a blog post.