Saturday, January 14, 2017

Thank You

I want to say “Thank you” to those who have given me words of support, it means a lot to me being part of this hobby and right now things are tough and I am torn trying what to do next.

Like many bloggers I have written a number of posts that I have held as a draft until I was ready to post in cases of writer’s block or I wasn’t able to sit down and write out a post. I have now completed many of these posts and they are all set to go as drafts, I have a month’s worth of posts, so I will probably be posting many of these while I figure what I want to do. Some of these write ups go back to early 2016 and for some reason or another I just never posted them but in a situation like this it works out for me having these old posts. Some may be a bit dated or more information has come out, as is the case of the recent announcement by Upper Deck regarding the Clerks card set, so I will update them as I go.

Again, “Thank you” for your support.

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  1. Our community never ceases to amaze may, especially considering that many of us have never met. Keep posting and we'll keep reading. Good luck resolving your health issues.