Friday, January 20, 2017

Whataburger Nolan Ryan Scratchy Cards

In 1993 Whataburger handed out packs of lenticular cards that were called Nolan Ryan Recollections, a 10-card set highlighting the exploits of Nolan Ryan. It was a regional set for their Southwest stores.

I didn’t have any luck at my local Whataburgers, they always seemed to be out, not even my local LCS had any. In the end I had to hunt them down at shows finally finding only one seller had them and since it was a sellers market he was asking for an insane price, I believe it was around $5 each, so I only picked up two. After paying that for just two cards I decided the other 8 cards would have to wait and by the end of 1993 I had basically given up on the set. Here are the two cards that I had purchased in 1993.
For whatever reason I remembered the set while I was going through COMC during their Black Friday sale and when I saw the prices of the singles I had to buy them. The other 8 cards were selling between ¢.30 and ¢.50 each, so about $3 for all 8 cards. I will admit I was pretty excited about finally completing this 10-card set that has been out of my mind for over 20 years.

These are the cards that I picked up to complete the set


  1. Someone will prove me wrong but it seems like everyone likes/respects Nolan Ryan. Seriously unlikely that anyone will touch his no-hitter record. Nice oddball set. Congrats on finishing it after all these years.

  2. Very cool set! I remember going to Whataburger and getting the set. My parents were pretty good about buying whatever it was to have me get cards as a kid. I still have the cards.

  3. I have always liked lenticular cards. Cool pickup

  4. Team logos and lenticular cards are an amazing combination. I'll have to look into picking up this set. Thanks for sharing.