Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2009 Elite Basketball

Panini has posted a slideshow giving a look at the upcoming 2009 Elite Basketball set scheduled for release next week, Nov 25th. It looks to be a typical Panini release with lots of great pictures, lots of inserts, interestingly designed backgrounds, sticker autos and ill placed relics.

I admit it, I am a Donruss fan! I loved the Diamond King puzzles from the 80s and some of my favorite sets in the 90s were the Diamond King and Studio Heritage releases.

But...it seems as if Panini has limited designs that are reused over and over. I seriously hope that this is a temporary thing while Panini and Donruss work out details and eventually new and creative designs are released. I will continue to support the company in hopes that things change and refreshing ideas begin to flow from their designers. Hopefully Panini is watching the forums, message boards and blogsphere and keeps an open mind on the future.

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