Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our Veterans

Today’s post is not about sports, but instead it is about Veterans Day. Today is the day that we recognize our veterans, both past and present. Almost everyone has a connection to a veteran, be it you, a parent, sibling, aunts or uncles, cousins or other. My family is no different both past and current. My brother is currently in the Army and has done 3 tours in Iraq; his wife did 2 tours in Iraq before retiring earlier this year.

No matter what your political beliefs are we need to always support our soldiers. The soldiers that have been to Iraq or Afghanistan need to know that we appreciate what they have done for us. Please take a moment to tell them.

Veterans Day is directly connected to WW1; the Armistice that ended the war was signed on November 11th, 1918 at 11am (11/11 at 11am). There is only 1 living American veteran from that war, Frank Buckles, he is our last thread to that era.

Support the troops, let them know we care and have not forgotten what they have done for us. To support the troops currently serving overseas you can send a care package directly or anonymously. Talk to soldier’s commanding officer, spouses or families to send a package directly or you can make donations through non-profit organizations like Red Cross or USO.

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