Monday, May 17, 2010

2009-10 Panini Studio NBA

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I grabbed a couple of Panini 2009-10 Studio NBA rack packs over the last week; you get 30 cards for $4.98 so not a bad deal. I have not bought any of these since the release in March so I figured I would give it a shot and see what I pull.

I actually like the cards, there is a “classic” feel to them. A nice clean layout that contains a color close up of the player and a black and white action shot on the front and each card’s color layout is based on the team colors. So, the Suns have a purple hue and the Celtics are green. I like this use of color because it adds to the overall design and makes it so the cards are not just cookie cutter cards where each looks like the next.

I was a little disappointed that I bought 2 rack packs on 2 separate days and ended up pulling 9 duplicates between the two packs. Another thing that caught me odd was Panini’s quality control; I received sequential numbers of 10 or more twice between the two packs and then a few other runs of 3-6 cards. They were actually in order in the packs too, like they were stuck together when they were packaged.

I was also fortunate enough to pull a Studio Essence Materials of Andre Iguodala #/249. I was quite happy to pull a University of Arizona product; only a Kobe, LeBron or Channing Frye would have been better. You may ask why I would want to pull a Frye, because he also played for the U of A and currently plays for the Suns, a double positive in my book.

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