Sunday, May 2, 2010

2010 Topps WWE

Tonight’s post goes out as a favor to my 10-year old son. He is a wrestling fan and every Monday and Friday night he has WWE on TV and he watches every bone-cracking moment.

Last week Topps released some early previews of the 2010 Topps WWE wrestling series, it is scheduled to be released in August 2010.

Scheduled Release Date: August 19, 2010
Box Configuration: 7 cards per pack, 24 packs per box
SRP: $44.99

Box Break:
2 hits per box- 1 Autograph and 1 Relic
Each pack contains 1 Parallel and 1 Insert

The 2010 WWE set contains 110 base cards along with parallels of each base card. There are 4 different parallels of each base card including Red #/1, Printing Plates #/1, Gold #/50 and Blue #/2010. You receive 6 base cards and 1 parallel card per pack.

The autographs sets consist of Superstar Signature Swatch Cards, basic Autograph cards and Dual Autographs. Each autograph version also includes 3 different types of parallels including; Printing Plates #/1, Red #/1 and Gold #/25. You receive 1 autograph card per box.

The relic set consists of Superstar Super Swatch Cards #/30, Superstar Swatch Cards and Elimination Chamber Cards containing a piece of canvas from the 2010 Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View. The Superstar Swatch and Elimination Chamber Cards have Red parallels #/1 and Gold #/25 or #/50. You receive 1 relic card per box.

There are 10 other inset titles include Championship Material, various Puzzle Parallels, History Of and National Heroes among others. You receive 24 inserts from these 10 titles per box.

Additionally, each 8-box case contains either 1 Autograph Relic card or a Relic Card #/30 or less.

My Thoughts:
If you are a wrestling fan, this is a good purchase. For one thing, it costs $45 per box and you are guaranteed 1 Autograph and 1 Relic per box along with 24 inserts and 24 parallels. Secondly, there are some wonderful action shots of the wrestlers, a nice clean design and a large variety of inserts that you will receive per box. I am considering picking up a box or two to bust with my son, this looks like a set I would be interested in collecting and the chance to pull a John Cena and Rey Mysterio autograph or relic would be extremly cool.


  1. Gotta say the base design and inserts look nice and you're right about the price. I'm not a huge wrestling fan and I've never bought wrestling trading cards, but I may be tempted here. Thanks for the preview!

  2. My cousin is a hardcore wrestling fan as well, he watches it non stop. He just bought about 10 or 15 packs of 7 cards, and he got an rey mystero event worn relic card and an autograph by Serena, Plus tons of other cool cards.