Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Cardinals On The Trade Prowl

In what may be Matt Leinart’s final game in an Arizona Cardinal’s uniform, the team decided to take the field in their new alternative black jerseys. While Leinart looked good in the uniform his performance on the field was the culmination of his 4 years here in the desert. His game consisted of 2 series, a 3-and-out and then a drive that picked up 2 first downs but then died. His stats for the game: 3/5 for 14 yards. Ok, the question no longer is "Did we waste a draft pick?" but now "What can we get for him?"

Some of the teams mentioned in the rumor mill include New York Giants, Buffalo Bills and Oakland Raiders. I think Oakland would be a horrible fit, to much would be expected of him and if he can not produce he will fall in to line as another failed Raider project. Buffalo might not be bad because the QB situation is up for grabs, there are plenty of receivers and CJ Spiller will draw off the defense. New York would be a blessing and a curse for Leinart. He could fall quietly in to the backup position where nothing is expected of him, the problem is the NYC nightlife. To often we have seen Leinart in questionable positions. I put him in a class with Tony Romo, more interested in who they are doing off the field in comparison to how they are doing on the field.

Now tell me, what do you think of the Cards alternative jersey? I like it because it is classical but still modern in design. Here is a picture of Adrian Wilson modeling the jersey from when the Cards released the images back in April.

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