Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random Blaster Box- 2009 SP Football

With the start of the NFL season officially beginning Thursday with a replaying of the NFC Championship game (Saints vs. Vikings) I decided to bust a blaster of 2009 SP Football. This is a pretty solid set and the base cards are simple, though teetering on the edge of a Panini design with the random lines and angles, which I liked and the major rookies of the year were all available. I felt I really could not go wrong with the purchase... boy was I wrong.

This box turned out to be a dud with a capital “D”. I was fortunate enough to pull my favorite Wide Receiver, Fitzgerald, along with one of the leagues top Running Backs, Peterson. Had I paid more then $10 for the box I would have felt cheated, heck I feel cheated paying $10 for the box.

I pulled one rookie, Nate Davis. A 2009 NFL 5th Round Draft pick who was actually cut yesterday after only 1 season with the team and he never even played a down outside of pre-season games. That is how you know someone has little to no talent. Maybe the Texans can sign him and use him as a useless 4th stringer to back up slightly less useless 3rd stringer Matt Leinart?

I am wondering which photographer at Upper Deck thought it would be a great move to pose Davis as a receiver stretching out to catch the ball?

To finish things off with a real bang I pull a card of a guy I have seen quite often. I pulled my 4th Limas Sweed Game Day Gear jersey card (3 have been black jersey pieces and 1 white jersey piece). So I have pulled almost as many jersey cards as he has career receptions- 4 jersey cards to 7 career receptions. Who the heck is packing out these cards Sweed's dad?

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  1. Pretty soon you'll be able to re-assemble that Sweed Jersey.