Saturday, September 4, 2010

Random Blaster Box- 2010 Topps NFL

Being a recent release I figured I would grab a couple of boxes of 2010 Topps NFL. I love football and Topps does the base set well. They select some great images and nothing is over done (except to many inserts but that is a different story).

I decided to use the Collins card because seeing the retro Bucs uniform reminded me of the days when the "Battle of the Bays" game meant nothing to anyone.

I pulled some of the top rookies (ok, well not Bradford) and I love the Spiller card. Look at his intent, the determination... the background? Yup, Topps designers made an tad of an error when they photoshopped the background. The seats behind the endzone should be perpendicular to the field not at an angle.

One of the nicer inserts is the 1952 Bowman Football inserts. I think Topps did the original set justice. The cards have a painting or drawing look to them, but they have a glossy finish like the base set.

Just like the 2010 Topps Baseball release there are rookie reprints, Gold, Peak Performance and Lineage inserts. I was fortunate to pull a Drew Brees reprint from the 2001 set, a Gold Jerry Hughes RC #/2010, a Gridiron Giveaway code card (My code was for a 2005 Topps Doug Gabriel... oh well) and a handful of the other hits.

Not part of the regular checklist, but the Throwback Patch is a manufactured patch that is included in blaster boxes at a rate of 1/box. It is not that bad of a card, a decent two-toned card with a simple design and the patch. I like the throwback connection and Peyton Manning is one of my favorite players so I am very happy.

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