Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quality Control Is An Issue

Quality control is a word that a lot of collectors know but it is often used in a negative connotation, especially when Topps is being discussed. But it is nice to see that at least one company is taking it to heart when their product is concerned.

There was a recent posting on the Panini blog regarding quality control specifically with the 2010-11 Score Hockey release. As I have stated before on my blog, I am not much of a hockey fan but this post was more then just about hockey, it is about how the company feels about the quality of their product and the image that they want to portray to their customers.

I just wished that all companies took such serious control of their product. How many of us pulled crimped A&G cards and I have heard of some problems with missing refractors/hits in the Chrome Baseball releases too. Has Topps become so lazy about their production that problems are expected before the boxes even hit the shelves?

So in a time where the hobby seems to be going up one day and crashing down the next, thank you to Panini for taking things seriously when it comes to quality and to Topps, please do something about your poor control over packing out and packaging.

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  1. Agreed. With all the products out there, it bothers me that the QC process isn't as tight as it should be.

    I'm pulling too many damaged cards. Maybe I'm just unlucky.