Friday, October 8, 2010

Topps Retail Hijinks

Is Topps preying on the uninformed collector with full box retail releases?

The problem with retail boxes is that while they may contain the same amount of packs as a hobby box, the hits come at a very diminished rate when compared to their hobby box brethren.

Tonight I stopped by the store and while there I took a look at cards and sitting along side all the blasters were a stack of the recently released 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball full retail boxes. Each box contained 24 packs and was selling for $71.48 plus there were no guaranteed hits. What would posses a collector to drop $72 on a retail box when they could spend less then $60 for a hobby box that contained 2 on-card autographs not to mention the hobby exclusive like Printing Plates, Super-Fractors, Team USA autographs and MLB Logoman Patch Cards? Lets not forget Topps recent hobby-only wrapper redemption program too.


  1. Good lord that's a crime. I was thinking of getting a retail box for the retail exclusive cards but not at that price.

  2. I haven't seen these Topps Chrome boxes you are referring to, but from time to time I have seen other product. I'm guess they would put these type of boxes out if people didn't buy them. Not all of us collectors are lucky enough to live near a hobby shop so retail stores such as Target may be their only outlet for new cards...meaning they may get desperate from time to time!