Friday, August 24, 2012

Surfing Champion In Upper Deck's All-Time Greats

There are some sports that have a strong fan base but will rarely see the light of the television screen; surfing is one of those sports. Surfing is Zen and you either surf or you do not surf, rarely do you find a surfing fan who has never paddled out. 
With limited media coverage comes limited collectability. Most collectors would be hard pressed to even name a surfer, past or present and so surfers have only made rare appearances in releases. Upper Deck seems to be the most supportive by including surfers in a number of releases in the past 3 years, usually in the Goodwin Champions and World of Sports sets. They are taking it up a notch by including Kelly Slater (11 World Championships) in both the 2012 Goodwin Champions and the 2012 Upper Deck All-Time Greats releases.
The Kelly Slater Shining Moments booklet card from the All-Time Greats release is an amazing card. Upper Deck designers did a beautiful job with this card; personally this is easily one of my favorite card designs. The Shining Moments booklets are limited but I am unable to find any specific release numbers. My best guess, based on the photos Upper Deck has posted of him signing, is that Slater has 35-40 booklet cards.

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