Friday, November 2, 2012

Preview: DC Comics Batman: The Legend

Coming soon from Cryptozoic is DC Comics Batman: The Legend Trading Cards, an all-new original art release based on DC’s The New 52 line. Boxes should be available by December 15th with each 24-pack box (5 cards per pack) running $60 (Current pre-sell price). This is the break down of what you should pull in a box break along with some preview images of the inserts:
1 Sketch card (1:24 packs)
2 Batmobile cards (2:24 packs)

2 Batcave cards (2:24 packs)
2 Circus of Villains cards (2:24 packs)- These cards are listed as "Circus of Villains" in the sales materials but the preview card shows "Carnival of Criminals" so I am not sure if the insert name was changed or which insert name is correct. I have also seen sales materials that say the cards are 1:24 packs while other materials say 2:24 packs. I am guessing 2:24 packs is correct if they follow the same pack out ratio as the other inserts.
Because this is an all-Batman release collectors get an intimate look at the world that surrounds the Dark Knight, including heroes and villains as well as the Batmobile, Batcave and even some of his gadgets.
Like most sets based on superheroes the big draw here (excuse the pun) is the sketch cards. There are 140 artists included in the sketch card checklist so there will be a large variety of styles as well as a large selection of characters included. Here are a handful of the sketch cards that have been made available for preview. Some of the sketch cards appear larger than the others, they are actually all the same size, the difference in size is due to me pulling them from a different site (Cryptozoic's web site versus their Facebook page).


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