Friday, January 25, 2013

It Is Official, The Hornets Will Become The Pelicans

In early December I wrote a post about the New Orleans Hornets possibly changing their name to New Orleans Pelicans, it turns out that the rumors proved true. Last night the New Orleans Hornets made an announcement that beginning next season they will be known as the New Orleans Pelicans. I would not be surprised if the Charlotte Bobcats try to reclaim the Hornets name now.
They have released images of the 5 new Pelicans logos and Tom Benson said that in the coming months they will present the new uniform. I like the main logo, it is pretty difficult to make an intimidating Pelican but the designers did a great job, plus they incorporated Louisiana and New Orleans culture in to the design.



  1. The Charlotte Bobcats are currently polling season ticket holders as to if they would attend more, the same or less games if the team were to change the name to Hornets. I hope MJ polls the general public as well as there are a lot of people in Charlotte still bitter of how the city lost the team in the first place.