Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Preview: 2013 Rittenhouse Star Trek Movies Trading Card Collectors Set

In the past Rittenhouse has taken chances on higher end products that have all seemed to do well, and I will admit that I have been questionable about some of these products only to be proven wrong when they sold out. I am a fan of Rittenhouse Archives and I like seeing their products sell well but I am just floored by Rittenhouse’s next high end release.

Rittenhouse is set to release the 2013 Star Trek Movies Trading Card Collectors Set on June 19th, the release is a preview set and will include 9 Star Trek Into The Darkness preview cards plus two autograph/relic cards; a Chris Pine card and Zachary Quinto card all for the amazingly illogical price of $750 per set.

The sets are limited to 250 and are a preview of a Rittenhouse Star Trek release scheduled to hit shelves either later this year or early 2014. That release will be a complete set covering both the 2009 Star Trek film and the 2013 Star Trek Into The Darkness film, it will include autographs, Starfleet uniform relic cards and pin cards.

These cards appear to actually be leftover relic cards from the 2009 Rittenhouse Star Trek release with a sticker autograph attacked. You can pick up the original relic only versions for $40 or less. Both Pine and Quinto have autographs from that set too, I cannot find any Pine autographs but there are a number of Quinto autographs sitting in the $200 BIN price range. Zachary Quinto has both relic and autograph cards from previous Heroes releases.

This price really seems extremely high when you consider you are basically buying 2 auto/relic cards and a couple of preview cards. You can buy a Pine/Quinto dual-autograph 8x10 for $200, toss in the original relic cards for Pine and Quinto from the 2009 release and you are still paying less than $300. Not to mention, #/250 is no longer really considered "limited", not at that price any way. I think if they were to set the price point to $90 like the 2013 Spider-Man Original Animated Lenticular set they would sell out in hours, maybe even $125-150 and the set would sell well. Watch I be wrong again and the set sells out on 30 minutes at the $750 price point.


  1. These autos are on-card. Rittenhouse doesn't do sticker autos.

  2. That is good to know, I never noticed that they did not use sticker autos before.