Saturday, May 18, 2013

Topps "Heavy Metal" Checklist For 2013 Archives Baseball

When Topps releases 2013 Archives Baseball in two weeks there will be a group of musicians included in a Heavy Metal subset. The set includes 10 rockers from the 1980s; there will also be autograph versions#/25 and a solid metal version (not sure if it is numbered).

The announced list includes:
Axl Rose
Sebastian Bach
Tommy Lee
Kip Winger
Reb Beach
Lita Ford
Bobbie Brown
Stephen Percy
Scott Ian
Dee Snider

I don’t have a problem with the list, more or less they are 1980s rockers except for Bobbie Brown, who was married to Jani Lane (of Warrant) and not a musician herself. Personally I would have rather seen a list of stars that are more associated with the hard rock from the 1980s. Topps put together more of a hair band list instead of a heavy metal list, outside of Rose and Lee.

If I was working on the original list I would have went with, in addition to Axl Rose and Tommy Lee;

Ozzy Osbourne
James Hetfield or Lars Ulrich
Bruce Dickinson
Klaus Meine or Rudolf Schenker
David Lee Roth or Eddie Van Halen
Cut signatures from Ronnie James Dio or Freddy Mercury


  1. I wouldn't include Scott Ian with the hair band list.

  2. Very true, I spaced on Scott Ian. He definitly fits in the Heavy Metal subset.