Friday, July 26, 2013

A Look At The 2013 Goodwin Champions Museum Collection

With the release of Upper Deck’s 2013 Goodwin Champions many people turn their attention to the cool inserts that UD includes in the Museum Collection relics insert. Last year the Museum Collection theme was the Civil War, this year it is the Wild West and next year the theme is World War I (UD already has my attention).
Some of the Museum Collection relics have been inserted in to packs including a piece of a Money Bag, a Gambler’s Vest and Chuck-A-Luck Layout (a dice game). Currently there are roughly 20 auctions for these packed out relics and reasonable prices seem to be ranging around $30-40 each.

The larger relic cards are through redemption and according to Upper Deck’s blog these oversized cards are nearing completion and should be ready to ship soon. Many of the relics focus on the gambling aspect that was common in the towns of the old west but there are other relics like an arrowhead, pay dirt gold, wood from a stagecoach and a railcar, a rail spike, a calendar and a piece from Buffalo Bill’s chair.




  1. Great looking cards and I'd be thrilled if I pulled one from a pack. That being said, on the secondary market I think they get overpriced for what they are. An arrowhead is an arrowhead, embedded in a card or on it's own. Just one collector's opinion.

  2. I agree Hacken, I live in Kansas so I could literally hop in my car, go down to some old railroad tracks and gather dozens of spikes and be back within a half hour.

  3. Very cool... but definitely agree with hackenbush. If I pulled one, I'd be one happy camper... but I'd never dish out the money to actually buy one of these.

  4. I agree, I like the cards and I would be excited to pull one from a box but if I were to consider hunting one down it would be the cards, dice and maybe the paydirt.