Monday, July 8, 2013

Fuji's Monthly Contest And A Win

It is time for another contest from Fuji. Each month he holds a contest and you have a chance to win various prizes, for July the prize is a 1992 MTV Rock n” Jock baseball set. Take a look at The Chronicles of Fuji to join in the July contest.

I was fortunate enough to get second place in the June contest and I won two 8x10 autograph pictures, one of Matt Nokes and the other of the Dudley Boyz, Team 3D themselves.
Nokes spent 10 years in baseball with 5 different teams, most of his time was with the Tigers (4 years) and the Yankees (4 years). He is probably best known for catching Jim Abbott’s no hitter in 1993.
The Dudley Boyz are one of my favorite tag teams ever, along with the New Age Outlaws. They have been professional wrestlers for almost 20 years now and are currently playing heels in TNA as part of the Aces & Eights. Bully Ray is currently the TNA Heavyweight Champion and Devon had been the TNA Television Champion until Abyss took the title at Slammiversary XI last month.
What I love about these guys is their “family” unity, in almost 20 years of wrestling the Dudley Boyz have wrestled in ECW, WWF/E, Japanese leagues, independent circuits and now TNA and over that time they have kept the family story line working, even brining in young brother Spike from time to time. For a short time Devon’s real teenage twin sons were included in various stories over a one year time frame, often appearing and even wrestling along with their father.

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  1. Glad the photos arrived safely... and thanks for plugging the contest!