Thursday, July 11, 2013

Preview: 2013 Marvel Fleer Retro

Scheduled Release Date: 8/15/13
Box Configuration: 20 packs/box, 5 cards/pack
SRP: $200/box
Box Break:
1 Sketch card
2 Autographs
4 Inserts
4 Stickers
1 Precious Metal Gems card
20 Retro cards
What to Expect:
The next genre to get the Fleer Retro makeover is Upper Deck’s Marvel brand, ranging from the 1990 Impel Marvel release through the 1997-98 Metal design. The base set is only a 60-card checklist but like previous Fleer Retro releases the inserts are the chase. Each pack should contain 3 base cards, 1 retro card and 1 insert.
Here is a partial list of what to expect from the insert sets
Intimidation Nation
Metal Hardware
Metal Universe Titanium
Power Blast
Quick Strike
Ultra Stars
Printing Plates

 Precious Metal Gems will also be back, based on the Metal Universe design and 1 per box, and will come in Red (#/100), Blue (#/50) and Green (#/10).

My Thoughts:
For Marvel fans I do not think there is a better set available, the main selling point here is the homage to those wonderful Marvel sets of the 1990s when foil and holograms were the rage.

I am a DC fan (Green Lantern baby) but I like Marvel too and I actually have a number of the sets that these remakes are based on. The price is going to be in line with the sports Fleer Retro releases so I do not plan on buying a box but I will hunt down some of the singles.
Some sellers, like Dave and Adams, will be selling a 10-pack mini-box in the $100 range. If you purchase the mini-box you should pull 1 autograph, 2 inserts, 2 stickers, 10 retro cards and you have a 50/50 chance at the sketch card and Precious Gems card if they pull the mini-box out of a fresh hobby box.
I am not a fan of Upper Deck’s decision to use sports related inserts like Jambalaya and Ultra Stars, there are plenty of inserts from the 1990s Impel and Fleer sets that they could have used in place of these sports inserts.
1 Sketch per box
2 Autos per box
On-card autographs
Plenty of retro cards
Tribute to some amazing sets
Forcing some sports inserts in to the design (Jambalaya)
For a Marvel fan, or even a superhero or comic fan, this set is a 4 ½ out of 5. The only dig is the price so singles may be more along the line for some collectors.

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